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Taking on the British Challenge for British Food Fortnight

British Food Fortnight (19th September – 4th October) is a national celebration of British food, and the health benefits and pleasures that come with eating quality, fresh, seasonal and regionally distinct produce.

To celebrate, we challenged our customer Danielle Rooke to create her weekend meals using ONLY British produce. Here’s how she got on.



If there’s anything I love more than home and interiors, it’s food!

I was given the challenge by Keepmoat Homes to create a weekend’s worth of meals using only British produce in celebration of British Food Fortnight – I know what you’re thinking; time consuming in the supermarket (I like to be in and out too!), expensive and not much variety, right? Well you’re wrong!

I had meals planned and I headed out to pick up all the ingredients I’d need to produce my tasty creations. In the supermarket, it was super easy to distinguish the British produce from the rest of the food with clear labelling – and I also found them to be reasonably priced as well! Bingo!


Check out what I went for below:



Day One

Breakfast - Raspberry Smoothie

- ½ cup of British raspberries
- ¼ cup of natural Yeo Valley yoghurt
- 1 cup British semi skimmed milk
- 2 raspberries to garnish



I like a quick, easy but tasty breakfast - I’m not one for a big greasy fry up (I know I know, sorry!). I would usually go for a strawberry smoothie but the only UK fruit in stock was raspberries – still really tasty but I found the fruit aisle had the least variety of choice.

The raspberries were definitely more expensive than other fruits as they only sold them in large punnets, which isn’t great when you don’t use them often (cue the spare for decoration!). I found that there were plenty of flavours in the Yeo Valley yogurt though, which makes up for the lack of fruit choices as you can add your flavour in a different way.



Lunch - Club Sandwich


- 2 slices of Hovis Seed Sensation bread
- 2 rashers of smoked streaky back bacon  
- 100g chicken breast, sliced
- 2 lettuce leaves
- 1 tomato, sliced



A classic – club sandwich! One of my go-tos in the pub and on holiday, so why not bring it home too?

The ingredients for this were super easy to find and affordable too. The bacon was slightly more expensive than if you were to buy non-British but the taste makes up for it – I always go for smoked! Plus, a pack of 6 tomatoes for 69p?! Overall, this meal is cheap, tasty and definitely fills all the hunger gaps – tick!



Dinner - Toad in the Hole


- 1 giant Yorkshire pudding
- 4 British pork sausages
- 1 serving of Maris Piper creamy mash
- Bisto Gravy 



If Britain was a meal, right?! Perfect for those cold nights that are creeping up on us.

I’m both a little lazy and a little fussy when it comes to mashed potato, so this Maris Piper creamy mash is perfect for me! We have this on a weekly basis in our home as it’s super easy to use and tastes delicious – a little goes a long way with this, so the price is fab!

Paired up with a giant Yorkshire pudding (of course) and some British pork sausages – yum! These sausages were the only British ones on the aisle and reduced fat - some would say perfect, others might wonder where that lovely taste of full fat has gone (guilty!). Although definitely a hearty meal for a very reasonable price.




Day Two


Breakfast - Breakfast Oats


- ½ cup of British raspberries
- 50g British porridge oats
- ¼ pot of raspberry yoghurt



One for those super busy, on-the-go days that we all know and love!

Again, raspberries were my only choice here, but it was perfect to use the leftovers from yesterday’s smoothie. The oats were super cheap (around 75p) and the yoghurt was so tasty and super easy to find – they also had a huge choice of luxury flavours including Sicilian lemon, passion fruit & coconut (my favs!).

A super thick yoghurt is essential for overnight oats so that it doesn’t soak in and this one worked wonders! Oh, and a posh jar is always a good idea!



Lunch - A Great British Platter


-  Jacob’s cracker selection
-  4 cheese and bacon potato skins
-  1 large pork pie
-  2 Scotch eggs
- 3 slices of British ham
- 3 slices of British beef
- Jar of pickled onions
- Block of tangy British cheddar
- Block of Cornish brie
- Block of Wensleydale cheese with cranberry
- Block of double Gloucester
- Handful of British plum tomatoes



A great British platter - perfect for the hostess with the mostest! Super fun to make (try it with the kids too!) and a great idea if you’re feeding a family or friends.

Let’s talk cheese – a great selection of choice for flavours (all using British milk) and pretty affordable too. It was really easy to find the ingredients I wanted for this platter and it went down a storm. The British meats were top notch quality and we finished off with fresh cream scones for dessert! Need I say more?



Dinner - Steak and Chips


- 1 British rump steak
- 3 king potatoes
- Tender-stem broccoli
- Corn on the cob



One of my favourite meals!

The corn went on the platter in the end because I couldn’t wait to eat it! We were a little hesitant on the steak as it didn’t turn out dark and crispy on the top which is how we like it (I cooked it as normal – on the hob) but it was the most tender, juicy steak we’ve tried so we were pleasantly surprised!

Don’t judge a book by its cover! The price was average for a rump steak in the supermarket, which is great. Homemade chips are always delicious and if you’re not huge on veg, tender-stem broccoli is sure to change your mind!

I was really happy with the pricing of vegetables - healthy foods are usually pricier than non-healthy I find, but not in this case. It’s a win!



As an overall experience, I was pleasantly surprised with the variety and amount of British produce in the supermarket. I’d definitely recommend trying this challenge - it’s a fun experience and it could turn a boring food shop into a fun challenge for the kids if they need to come food shopping with you!

I’m not sure I would make it a regular weekly thing as it does require time to check the packaging of the produce, but I definitely would try this again – there was so much to choose from!

The only issue I had was with the fruit section, and the lack of variety. I didn’t mind this too much as I love the flavour of raspberries, but I like to incorporate different fruits into my diet and I didn’t feel this was possible when sticking to British, however it may have just been the stock at supermarket that I went to.


If you’re thinking of taking this challenge for British Food Fortnight, make sure you tag us in your delicious creations on our social channels – we’d love to see them!  

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