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Adding a touch of royalty to your home

In this guest blog post, Connie Millthorpe, a Keepmoat homeowner explains how and why incorporated the striking and luxurious colour of emerald green into her new home

It all started with a foot stool

All my life I’ve idolised royalty, whether that’s literal or fiction, and I’ve always wanted to surround myself with the things a royal could own (on a B&M budget of course!). After I had my foot through the door, I was eager to get that royal and regal feeling inside my new home.  

My favourite colour and gemstone of all time is the emerald, which is a perfect fit to my royal theme as it features heavily on royal crowns and rings. Emerald has sentimental meaning to me, which made the choice even easier and what better way to incorporate your personality than with a feature of colour that best describes you.

Whilst browsing the shops, I found a luxury, emerald velvet footstool in my local TK Maxx and instantly knew this was going to be the colour of my living room.

In mythology, emerald is the stone of the Goddess Venus – and if I use emerald that makes me a goddess too, right?  Venus is associated with love and romance as well as bringing freshness and vitality to the spirit. I don’t know if I could get on board with the whole romance thing, but I wanted to add some freshness and vitality into my home - especially after becoming a new mum to a baby girl (Violin music). After all, green by nature it is the most calming on the colour wheel.

I mean, all in all… can the colour green really change your life? Can it calm your soul and bring you romance? Probably not, but it’s a great colour, especially for a footstool!

  • Emerald Velvet Pouffe 68x58 cm £69.99 – TK Maxx
  • Orchid in Marble pot 60x60x50cm £30.00 – Matalan
  • Silver finish lantern – medium £14.99 – The Range
  • Silver finish lantern – small £11.99 – The Range

It’s very easy for people to copy others in colour, style and feel, however, I didn’t want to just go for what looks good in other people’s homes, I wanted to add my own personality too!

With so many endless possibilities out there, remember what makes you swoon could make other feel sick – colour is a personal thing.

  • Grey Cotton Thermal Curtains 90x90 in. £90.00 – Dunelm
  • Wood Look Venetian Blinds in Grey (custom made, prices vary) – Blinds2go
  • Ombre Emerald cracked Vase £5.99 – T.K. Maxx
  • Artificial Peony £2.99 – The Range
  • Artificial Eucalyptus £1.99 – The Range

Quantity control

When adding colour into your home, I find it’s all about quantity control. Find one item that’s going to make your room pop, and work with it, keep it as a feature. All I kept thinking to myself was ‘Don’t overpower your room with the same colour. Keep it minimal and accessorise’.

A rug is another great statement piece that is almost discrete - and this one from Argos gave my footstool the pop of attention it deserved. I then went on to add some emerald cushions to really tie the room together, cushions are great ways to incorporate that little extra bit of colour into your room. It took me some time to find the perfect match, but the effort was worth it.

  • Argos Home Lurex Shaggy Rug – 120x160cm – Emerald Green £40.00

Top colour choosing tips:

  1. Get a colour with meaning and do some serious research. Don’t look at everyone’s different shades of grey all over Instagram and go with the flow. Be bold! – if you want neon yellow or lime green, make it work.
  2. Little is more – find a statement piece and find things to make it flourish don’t drown it.
  3. Don’t buy temporary things – take your time, choose wisely and make your vision happen. You don’t need to rush, just appreciate the journey.
  4. Lighting is everything – check your colour in different lights. Take note of where natural light hits in your home and at what time of day – does your colour look better in cool or warm tone? Change a light bulb if necessary (how many people does it take to do that again?).

Thank you for listening guys and have fun with accessorising!

Connie x

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