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What Our Customers Are Doing At Home More Than Ever Right Now

You don’t need us to tell you that this year’s been a bit of a weird one. Nothing’s been normal and we’ve been spending more time in our homes than ever before.

During that time, you might have picked up some new hobbies and interests, you might have given your home a complete head-to-toe makeover, or you might have done nothing but simply enjoy the little things in life.

We asked some of our customers what they’ve been up to at home recently, and here are some of our favourite answers:



I’ve only been in my Keepmoat home for two months and I’ve already decorated pretty much the whole house due to the lack of socialising at the moment! I’d been in two days when I started painting the downstairs toilet and now nearly every room has had a lick of paint.

“I’ve gone for pastel colours and I’m very into the spotty print at the moment, hence the Dalmatian feature wall in my living room! Obviously, a drinks trolley was an essential addition to my home too, since going out isn’t the same anymore. Lockdown has made me realise that you only live once, so if you want a pink living room, a green velvet bed and a monkey-themed toilet, go for it!”





Lockdown life for me included creating a WFH space for the hubby, a dressing table for myself and painting the living room. I also did my first ever DIY panel wall.

“As for our social life, it was busier than ever with the all the Zoom quizzes. There was a lot of drinking and snacking so I started running 5k a week and haven't stopped.

“My biggest achievement is starting my own cookie business in my kitchen - @mamatravismakes. I make and post delicious cookies straight through your letterbox. So, overall, lockdown life has been a huge success. đź–¤”




Having to spend more time at home over the course of the year allowed us to save up a little more money. So when we moved into our new flat at the end of August, we managed to decorate it exactly the way we hoped to without having to wait, which made our move in day less stressful and more exciting. So even though lock down delayed our move in, it had its perks.

“We also got our first pet together, little Nugget the house bunny. So we have been kept busy painting and decorating and planning little DIY projects for ourselves with our time at home (making Nugget’s new home from an IKEA storage box was my favourite). Adding Nugget to our little family has also helped make our flat feel more like a home and he keeps us busy running around after him.”




Like most people, we’ve been spending so much time at home recently. When we weren’t working from home, myself and Cy were enjoying spending time in the garden, soaking up every moment of the outside as we were never able to enjoy this living in our flat before.

“Through lockdown, we enjoyed renovating our downstairs bathroom - our first DIY makeover of our new house so far.

“Now that the nights are drawing in, we’re cooking yummy food and baking lots; trying to develop our skills and find positivity in little things!”



At Keepmoat Homes we know home means more right now. It’s why our flexible, adaptable homes in great locations are built to meet all your needs.

Let us know what you’ve been up at home on our social channels, and don’t forget to tag us in your posts and use the hashtag #KeepmoatHomes.

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