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Nostalgic Nineties: A Look Back at Key Trends!

Interior trends are constantly evolving and while some need to stay safely in the past where they belong, we’ve seen many styles adapt, make a comeback and subtly influence the trends of today.

We’ve taken a look back at some of the biggest (and most questionable) interior trends of the 90s – how many do you remember? Let us know if you can see any glimpses in your current home look and feel.








Our kitchen design has probably evolved the most noticeably over time, much like our appliances, with technological advances making it easier to perfect our modern, stylish and streamlined look. White wood and orange pine cabinets were a staple in many kitchens in the 90s, making a statement throughout many homes. Combined with oak laminate floors and chunky white appliances, we can say that thankfully, this outdated aesthetic didn’t make it past 1999.  

Today, modern, minimalistic styles are a firm favourite in our kitchens, with gloss and marble cabinets making a splash this season to enhance a sophisticated look. Built-in cooker splashbacks are now things of the past and instead, stainless-steel is on the rise. Integrated storage and appliances have also been a growing trend in recent years and simple cabinetry to hide the fridge or dishwasher is bang on trend in 2020.  

Whereas patterned tiling may seem old fashioned now, this is one of those trends that has managed to adapt to remain popular through to present day. We’re seeing more and more people choosing to incorporate tiling into their kitchens, as well as utilities and bathrooms, incorporating more stylish designs or remaining plain and glossy.


Living Room






In the early 90s, it was all about deep hues of hunter green - from bathtubs to soft furnishings, the deep shade was a hit throughout the home. There was most likely a fireplace in the lounge which added a cosy and charming feature to the room along with floral wallpaper and matching carpets and chunky furniture sets which dominated the living space. While we have to admit, a reclining armchair was a comfy place to sit, they didn’t do the interior space any favours and would usually clash with the rest of the décor.

Fast forward to 2020, green has made a comeback with statement tropical and emerald shades favoured throughout the home for creating a serene atmosphere while adding bags of personality to your room. Popular leafy prints pair perfectly with modern furniture such as rounded metallic coffee tables, and plush velvet sofas which have replaced the outdated pieces from the 90s to create an ultra-sleek finish.






At the opposite end of the design spectrum, other interior trends meant beige was the main focus when designing living space. Simplicity can sometimes be key, and we all love a neutral colour palette, but all beige everything can lack the personality your abode deserves.

Up until early 2020, beige and earthy tones had survived as the dominant neutral shade, but come 2020 and grey is the new neutral, with layered shades of slate and anthracite creating a cosy yet effortless feel in your home.

Elsewhere, the corner sofa has remained a key piece across the decades that instantly creates a focal point in your living room and adds character without even trying. Simplicity takes a nosedive with different layered textures emerging as a sure-fire way to add a luxe aesthetic to your home.








We all know it’s the finishing touches that give a home its personality, and the 90s was no different. Bold and bright decorations were bang on trend - ask anyone what was on the centre of their dining table and most would say the same thing: fake fruit! Thankfully this didn’t stick around for long after being switched for fresh alternatives and stylish centre pieces like candles and glass vases.

Nowadays we’re inspired by nature and bringing the outside in, with an abundance of real plants dominating every corner of our home, but in the 90s it was all about ornate faux plants, from over the top bouquets to silky trees. Our newfound lust for houseplants also coincides with another huge trend of the past few years - environmentally-friendly homes. With the rise of solar panels, extra insulation and switching to energy-saving light bulbs and smart meters, we’re all trying to do our bit for the environment!

As we all probably know, advances in technology have also changed the make-up of our homes as we’ve swapped large boxed televisions for smart TV flatscreens with built-in streaming platforms, meaning we no longer need large storage racks for our DVD collections, giving us more room for personal touches and detailed flourishes. These days, integrated tech can be built into nearly every function and appliance such as lighting, taps and speakers - there’s even a coffee machine that’s programmed to have your coffee ready for you in the morning!

Our interiors are transforming quicker than ever to meet our ever-changing lifestyles and family needs – let’s see what the next decade brings!

Have we missed any of your favourite 90s interior trends? Let us know by tagging us @KeepmoatHomes or using the hashtag #KeepmoatHomes on social media.

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