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Throw a Spectacular Bonfire Night in Your Own Back Garden

Whilst we may not be able to head out on 5th November for our annual bonfire gathering, don’t let the night slip by quietly. Instead, why not gather your household, wrap up warm and have your very own bonfire in your back garden to remember the failed Gunpower Plot all those years ago?

We’ve shared a couple of ideas to help you host a cracking bonfire night this year at home. 



The Setting


Bonfire Night isn’t about the abundance of outdoor decorations on display. Keep it simple and use the natural surroundings of your garden as the main décor. You could incorporate an added touch of warmth with a string of fairy lights – not only will this set the scene beautifully, but it will also give your garden a little extra light. Small candles and lanterns dotted around can also add to the atmosphere.  

With the weather turning chilly, if you’re planning on staying out all evening, make sure you have big knits to hand. Blankets, throws and cushions create an added cosy touch – although make sure these are all machine washable to remove the smell of smoke afterwards.



We appreciate it’s not quite the same as standing in a muddy field watching the sizzles and bangs from fireworks, but if you feel that no bonfire is complete without a firework display, why not find your favourite online and showcase it on your TV? There are plenty of videos on YouTube! You could bring your TV outside or prop it against the window allowing you and your family to view a spectacular firework display whilst hearing the crackles and whizzes in the background.  


Fireside Feast


Nothing says autumn more than a jacket potato filled with chilli con carne. A spud is a firm favourite when it comes to Bonfire Night and you can fill yours with which ever filling you desire – chilli con carne, cheese, baked beans or tuna mayo, the choice is yours! 

Pie and peas is also a perfect dish for this time of year. If you’re going traditional, the pie has to be meat and potato and the peas have to be mushy, with a rich thick gravy and mint sauce. It’s the ideal hearty meal that will keep you feeling warm from within all night long.

For pudding? Yorkshire parkin, cinder toffee or the good old toffee apple must be on everyone’s list. You can have a go at making them yourself or pick up the perfected recipe at your local bakery or supermarket. To make it a super-sweet bonfire, don’t forget the marshmallows – melting them over an open fire is a delightful treat.

For the winter warming drinks - whether that’s mulled wine or cider, hot chocolate or a gingerbread latte - these poured in hot flasks will be a comforting treat whilst everyone is sat outside.


The Main Event


There’s nothing quite like sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the warm glow of an open fire – and creating a small bonfire at home couldn’t be easier.

Firstly, you’ll need an area that’s away from your house or any other flammable objects in your garden. We’d recommend using a fire pit instead of an open fire as this is the easiest and safest way to host a backyard bonfire.

To get the fire started you’ll need some kindling or newspaper and make sure you have an ample supply of wood to hand to ensure your fire stays alive all night long. You can pick up some wood from most supermarkets or garden centres.



If you really want to get into the bonfire spirit, you could get crafty and make yourself a proper Guy Fawkes to go on the fire. This could be made from any flammable material - from pieces of wood and cardboard to newspaper or straw, you can improvise in all sorts of ways and add the finishing touches by dressing him in pillowcases or old clothes.

Whilst there’s nothing quite like a good bonfire and the smell of burning wood, remember to close all your windows and doors, as the smell of smoke can linger in the house for some time after – and don’t forget about your four-legged friends! Bonfire night can be quite scary for them so make sure they are safely shut inside with some music or the TV on the mask any startling sounds. Create a cosy space for your pet to relax in with some treats and toys with the curtains closed - and do pop in to check on them frequently whilst you’re all sat outside.

We hope you have a cracking Bonfire Night and don’t forget to share your pics with us on social by tagging @KeepmoatHomes.  

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