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Caring for Your New Home During High Temperatures

Summer has arrived and whilst most of us will be spending more time outside enjoying the sunshine, your new home may require a little extra care. To ensure you can carry on enjoying the warm weather, we’ve shared some top tips to help you care for your new home during these warmer temperatures.

Windows and doors

During high temperatures, it is common that your windows and doors may become stiff or do not open and close with ease. This could be due to the new PVC swelling – but don’t worry, your new windows and doors are not faulty. This is a perfectly natural occurrence in new properties, and it will resolve and return to its natural position once the sun sets and your home becomes cooler.

If needed, you can cool down your PVC quicker by patting it down with a cold or damp cloth, or you could spray the outside with water.




Your new turf can shrink in summer due to lack of water and higher temperatures, which is completely normal during the hottest months of the year. To prevent your turf from drying out, ensure you water it regularly using a sprinkler or hose, but remember, timing is key! Early morning or late on an evening once the sun has set are the best times to prevent the sun instantly evaporating the water.


Keeping it cool

We all love the hot summer days but keeping our homes cool enough to work from by day, and to sleep comfortably through the night can be a challenge. As temperatures start to rise it’s important to keep out as much hot air as possible.

To keep your abode cool and comfortable, try these simple yet effective steps:

Grab a fan

To make your home more comfortable in the heat, invest in a room fan. It’s important to get the placement right to avoid blowing hot air around your home, so keep them pointed towards the windows to push out the hot air. For those of you still working from home, a desk fan will be your saviour to keep cool during the day.

To cool a room quickly, you could fill an unbreakable bowl with ice and place it in front of the fan so that the rotating air flows through the ice and into your room.

Close the curtains

We all love letting the daylight into our homes. Whilst we know that we lose heat through our windows in winter, this becomes the reverse in summer. Keeping the curtains closed will prevent your windows from acting like a greenhouse and can help to keep your slumber comfortable throughout the night.

Keep the lights off

Given the sun shines for much longer in the summer, keep your lights switched off as they give off a lot of heat. It will not only help keep your home cooler but comes with the added benefit of saving on your energy bills.

The same applies to your tech devices, if they are not essential then try to keep them off.



We hope everyone enjoys spending their time out in the sunshine. Let us know if you have any other home tips for the summer on social media, we’d love to hear them! Don’t forget to tag us in the post and use the hashtag #KeepmoatHomes.  

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