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National Apprenticeship Week - Connor Stephenson Q+A

19-year-old Connor Stephenson is one of our apprentices in the North East. He joined Keepmoat in September 2017, and after completing his intermediate apprenticeship with us in July last year, he has continued his studies by moving onto the Level 3 apprenticeship. Here is what Connor had to say about his experience...



Why did you choose to study an apprenticeship?

I wanted to study a joinery apprenticeship as I am a hands-on learner and doing an apprenticeship teaches you how to do joinery while still achieving the NVQ and diploma at college on a day release. It is also a trade that is recognised all around the world and open so many doors for my future. 


What was the application process like?

The application process was very easy. I applied for the job role on Keepmoat’s website then received a email for my interview telling me where to go and a time slot.


How have Keepmoat supported you throughout your studies?

Keepmoat supported me throughout my studies by helping me get everything I needed to complete my work at college and on site such as my CSCS card, health and safety courses, etc. 


What are the positives of being an apprentice?

The positives of being an apprentice are learning first hand how to do the job, meaning you gain practical experience so when you finish the course you aren’t thrown in at the deep end when you start working. 


What opportunities has an apprenticeship brought you?

I have gained many opportunities during my apprenticeship like going to different places in the North East learning how to build different house types, allowing me to gain more knowledge of the trade I am working in. I have also met many people that I would now class as good friends. 


Any advice for anyone wanting to complete an apprenticeship?

Make sure you always ask every question to the person teaching you because if you don’t ask you’ll never learn. You may have to do things that aren’t the best jobs to do but do it as quick as you can, so you are able to do the good jobs and learn more. 


What do your friends and family think about your career choice?

My family think I have made a good choice and that I was lucky to gain such a opportunity to make a better life for myself whilst doing something that I enjoy. 


Are you happy with the balance of work and study?

Yes I am happy with the work and study balance as I am a quick learner and don’t like being stuck behind a desk for long periods of time so it is perfectly balanced for my way of learning. 


Any other comments...

The apprenticeship has been an amazing opportunity for me to gain skills and a trade for something I enjoy doing. 



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