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5 ways to maintain a holiday vibe back at home

It’s that time of year where everyone’s coming back from their holidays and its snap back to reality! But did you know, there are plenty of changes that you can make in your home to keep that holiday feeling around a little longer?

We’ve put some tips together to show how you can create a tropical retreat in the comfort of your own home along with some products to help you achieve the look.

1) Exotic prints – One of this summer’s hottest interior trends that offers the feel of a luxury retreat. Where in the past, tropical has been synonymous with a bright, party style, these prints are now available in contemporary ways to suit the much more modern and sophisticated homes.

Bring the tropical trend into your home with the below products we’ve spotted:

Lampshade from Not on the High Street

John Lewis - Pineapple Wallpaper

Palm velvet cushion from The Range


Floral prints by ASOS

2)  House plants – A bit of greenery is always a great addition to your home. Not only do house plants give the place more character and remind us of lush and exotic places, but they’re good for you as well! They purify the air, can improve wellbeing and add a cool and fresh touch to your home, without being too high maintenance.

If you want a bit of plant life in your home, try some of the below types:

Potted plants with grey pots from IKEA

Potted bonsai from IKEA

Hanging jellyfish (air plant) from Waitrose

3 Stem Orchid from Homebase


3) Tile – Tile is synonymous with hot weather - wherever there is tile, there will be most likely be a beach or pool nearby. There are so many ways to use tile in the home, and with terrazzo proving to be a big trend interior this year, it might be worth experimenting to see what looks work best in your home.

Wanting a tile trial in your home? Try some of our best picks:

Tile print table cloth from Next

Brixton tiles from Topps Tiles

Terrazzo Green Wallpaper from Graham & Brown

4) Wood – Wood gives off an unmistakable exotic vibe. Whether it’s coastal driftwood, African-inspired deep mahogany, or sun-drenched, light pine, it can be incorporated into the home in so many ways.

See what wood could look like in your space with the buys below:

Bronx ladder shelf from Next

Round salad servers from ASOS


5) Quirky buys – No two trips are the same, much like everyone’s version of the holiday and inspired interiors will be unique. Besides, it’s the personal touches that make your home, yours. Whether its decorative ornaments that remind you of a certain trip or the incorporation of a colour or style that you fell in love with abroad, there’s always room for those individual touches.

Here’s a few unique pieces we like the look of:

Golden pineapple from Amara

Traditional globe from The Range

Silver leaf from The Range

Spotty cactus wall art from Dunelm

Elephant towels from Next

Let us know of any little changes you’ve made to your home to banish the holiday blues via Instagram or Facebook!

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