Moving into your first home

At last. Moving-in day is in sight. An exciting new life in your first ever home awaits. Once you’ve unpacked all the boxes of course. Here are a few moving-in day handy hints to make your first day in your first home run smoothly. 



It all starts with the packing:

  • Start packing early. It’s the best way to avoid moving day panics. 
  • Pack room by room and label everything. You’ll be glad you did when your boxes arrive at your new home.
  • Have a clear out. Don’t waste time and effort moving junk. Plus, who wants to clutter up their brand new home? If you don’t need it, bin it.
  • Don’t overload things. Remember you, or someone else, has got to carry the boxes safely. Put heavy things in small boxes and fill big boxes with light things.

Professional removals or do it yourself?

In the weeks before moving day you need to decide who you want to help you move. Professional removals companies vary in price, and it’s worth getting a few quotes. Or you can always hire a van and get help from friends and family. 

Whether you’re getting professional help or hiring a van, remember to book these well in advance. 

T-minus 4 weeks – time to get organised

If you’re using professional removals, they need to be booked by now. 

Now’s a good time to start notifying friends and family before things get too hectic.

Don’t forget to notify your GP, dentist, schools, employer, utilities suppliers, DVLA, mobile phone company, TV and broadband supplier, banks and credit cards as well as insurance companies. 

It’s a good idea to take a look through your bank statements, as everyone you’ve got a direct debit with will need to know your new address. 

The week before

Most of your worldly possessions should be boxed up and ready to go.  

You’ll need to give the council a call to set up your Council Tax payments.

If you receive Child Benefit, or any other benefits, make sure you inform HMRC too. If you don’t you could lose out on what you’re entitled to. 

Moving-in day

It’s here. The day you’ve been waiting for. 

Our sales adviser will be on hand to help in any way they can, and once the legal completion has gone ahead your new home is all yours. 

Know where it’s got to go

Print off a floor plan of your new home. Or ask your sales adviser for one. 
This will help you know where things need to go and make sure big items fit. 

Don’t forget to feed the troops – and yourself

Moving can be thirsty work and you’ll need all your energy. So make sure everyone is well fed and watered. It’s a good idea to prepare a moving-in day picnic with everything you need to keep you going. And remember, the secret to any successful move is to make sure the kettle is always the first thing to be unpacked. 

We want you to enjoy your Keepmoat home from the very first day. 
If there’s anything we can do to make moving in easier, let us know. 

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