"We saved £250 a month by not renting."

Rebecca and Lewis - Dominion, Doncaster
Dominion, Doncaster

Customer review - Rebecca and Lewis


“We always had it in our heads that we couldn’t afford to buy a house. You expect you’ll be paying more a month… when in actual fact, we saved £250 a month by not renting.”


With a baby on the way, first time buyers Rebecca and Lewis decided it was time to get a place of their own. Not only were they surprised how easy Keepmoat made it, they were amazed at how affordable owning your own home could be.


“Once Keepmoat sat us down and said your payments will be as low as this, we thought, we can do it!”


We helped Rebecca and Lewis every step of the way. From finding a mortgage to arranging a solicitor, we were always on hand to help make the move to their Keepmoat home really easy.


“They sorted everything for us, as a package


It’s why they’d definitely recommend Keepmoat.


“In my opinion, Keepmoat are good for first time buyers because of the help they give you. They really did guide us from the beginning of the process. From just driving down the road and going in on a whim, we ended up buying a house because of them holding our hand all the way through."

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