"We moved in knowing we’d be living here for a number of years."

Mrs Rebecca Rhian Wickham
Roman Fields Phase 2, Peterborough

“Paston has been built to be quite spacious, with generous garden areas and lovely green spaces.”

The houses aren’t crammed in like you get with other developers, so there’s space for all the families and children to gather.  The only reasons people come down the road is if they live here or if they’re visiting friends and family, so it isn’t busy with a lot of passing traffic.  We’re out of the way, so it’s nice and quiet.   With ample space in the houses and all around you, it’s the perfect place to plan for the future.


“Zizzi in sales was very good and very understanding.”

We were selling our house very quickly and she was very lovely in answering any questions we had when we called her up.  When we had a bit of a delay with the contracts, she was very willing to listen to our concerns and put our minds at ease.  We got weekly updates in terms of what was going on and where everything was.  She did everything she could for us.


I’d definitely recommend Keepmoat Homes...

...because we’re really happy with the house.

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