"I’m in the industry myself, so the build quality and materials used are something I really look at when the homes are under construction.  I liked what I saw from Keepmoat Homes."

Mr Paul Gleadow
Moorland View, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham

“I’m really pleased with my new home; the quality is fantastic.”

I think the homes that Keepmoat build are very good quality, so much so that I’m not sure I would have moved here had Keepmoat not been building.   I also like the style of the houses, the way they are built and the layout of the estate.  There was nothing to do when I came in as it was all as Keepmoat said it would be and if there have been any little problems, the customer care from the guys has been good.  They’ve been here straightaway.


“The houses at Moorland View look individual and the estate has a good feel to it.”

The development is aesthetically pleasing, it isn’t overcrowded and the roads are a good width so that means everyone isn’t on top of one another.  The houses look lovely from the outside and as different colour bricks have been used, they look different and sit well together.  It’s not just rows of identical houses.   I’m from the local area so I know it quite well, Moorland View is in an exclusive part of Bishop Auckland and it was one of the places I was very interested in moving to.   Everyone here is very friendly and we’ve all got to know one another quite well.  Everyone looks out for each other and there’s a good mixture of people, some with young families and others, like us, with older children.


“The view is amazing, I can see for miles.”

At the moment there’s no one in front of my house so I can see for miles as Bishop Auckland isn’t high rise.  Even if Keepmoat build again there will still be views of the wide-open space and countryside.


“The layout of the 3-storey home is perfect for my family.”

I love the French doors in the living room that open straight into the garden and the layout of the house over 3 floors is fantastic, my wife and I are on the top floor, my teenage boys have the middle floor and then there’s the ground floor which we can use as a family.  It’s just perfect for us, we can all have our own bit of space in the same house.   


I’d definitely recommend Keepmoat Homes...

...because the service I had was first class and I couldn’t have asked for more.  The sales lady helped me every step of the way and I was looked after very well.


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