"With a Keepmoat Home you get great quality and value."

Mr Fredrick Berkoh Ansomaa
Spirit Quarters Phase 3, Coventry

“Everything inside is done perfectly.”

Having a family with two daughters the space inside is more than sufficient, and having multiple bathrooms is a plus.  We bought a four-bedroom house and, especially compared to other new build properties, it is constructed well and it came at a good price.  We have a roomy hallway and a large, open kitchen looking out onto the back garden.  It’s great if my wife or I are cooking and the kids are out there playing.  I really love it.


“The area is good; it’s quite easy if you want to go anywhere.”

Everything is very close.  The NHS Hospital is just a minute walk away and there are three or four buses which run along there so it’s great for commuting.  In about the same proximity there’s also a big college, a supermarket and a gym. 


“The sales staff were really nice and they kept their promise.”

When we went in to look for our house, first the staff helped us by giving us a number for Meridian Mortgages, who picked us up and received us nicely.  Nicky, the Sales Manager, was lovely and attended to us in a pleasant manner.  They told us at the beginning which date we would complete on and we were pleased in finding that was the day they handed over our keys.


I’d definitely recommend Keepmoat Homes...

...because purchasing a house from them was so easy.


Mr Fredrick Berkoh Ansomaa, Spirit Quarters

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