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Ms Aimee Jayne Hardman, Meadow Rise, Stockton

Meadow Rise is in a perfect location with everything you need just minutes away.

I love this location, it’s fabulous. We are so close to shops and many other places. There is a big Tesco up the road and not too far away is Teeside Park which has a lot of eateries, a cinema and a bowling alley. We’re close to the main road, so getting anywhere is quick and easy; I’m only twenty minutes away from work, which is perfect.

The greenery at Meadow Rise is a real positive, they have really thought about building an attractive site.

I love the greenery they have incorporated on the site; Keepmoat Homes haven’t just thrown bricks and roads down, even my plot has a tree and some lovely plants in it.  Across from my house there is going to be a grassy area once the construction has finished, but already there are beautiful green areas for children to play and people to sit.   They’ve really taken the time to make it look attractive. 

I love my new independence and my cul-de-sac is a peaceful place to be.

Before moving here, I was living in a flat above my work which was quite noisy, it is so nice to have my own place now where I can be totally independent.  I love the cul-de-sac I live in, it’s peaceful but the end is open so I’m able to easily walk anywhere on the development if I wish.  Everyone living here is really friendly, we’ve already all got together to have a chat. 

I cannot fault the staff on site, especially Christine, she has been so lovely.

The people working at Meadow Rise have been absolutely great and really pleasant.  They are nice, friendly, give you a wave and are always lovely when they come to sort out your little niggles.  The sales lady, Christine, has been absolutely fantastic.  My family are all down South so I was doing everything on my own.  She told me to feel free to come down and see her and answered every question I had.  She talked me through everything and didn’t make me feel stupid.   She was extremely helpful, even warning me of road closures on the site and where I would be able to park my car while these things happened.

I’d definitely recommend Keepmoat Homes

Because the people working here have been absolutely great and Meadow Rise is in a perfect location.   Everybody has been really pleasant and kept me informed about anything going on here, it’s been a lovely experience. 

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