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Mrs Sharon Taylor, The Realm, Wakefield

“Our home was more ready than I even expected it to be.”

I don’t think you would even think about some of the things they provided in the home, like a water butt, shed, a spyhole and chain on the door and outside lights with motion sensors.  The homes are eco-friendly too in a lot of ways.  They are very well insulated and have heating which can be set individually for upstairs and downstairs.  It’s very good value for money, and I’m waiting to see how it will work out with fuel, but most of all we have a new house and we can make it ours.

“The whole way they mapped the development out is very good with the streets, the different houses and the landscaping.”

I love the fact that the houses are all different and that they’re not like little boxes.  There are all different styles, with different coloured bricks, and the roads around them have all been very nicely paved.  They’ve landscaped the area with trees and they’ve turfed the middle over and put a pavement in.  If it carries on according to plan, there will be a nice play area for the children.

“It’s a nice, friendly place.”

Although we’ve been here for almost a month, some people have been living here for two years and one of them set up a Facebook page for our development.  Over a hundred people have joined it and we can look there easily to get answers to any questions we have.  I’ve read that they want to start doing community events as they want people to get to know each other.  It’s also easy to meet neighbours on the development as we’ve taken our little dog out and naturally have started to walk with other people here.  We like that this is a nice community.

“We’re in the middle of everything.”

There are very good transport links here, such as the train and the main road access to the A1 and M1.  So, we can easily reach Leeds, Wakefield, York and Manchester, and that’s great for us as our families live in West Yorkshire.  On The Realm, we also have amenities that are close by.  We’re not far from the supermarket, a little shop, a fish shop and a bakery.  There’s also a water park a little further on with fishing, and a leisure centre and school just up the road.  Just where we are, off the edge of the development, there’s a lovely country park we enjoy walking to as well.

“Our sales person, Rebecca, was very good.”

Although she was promoted, which meant she was off site, she kept her promise and oversaw everybody she sold the houses to.  That was good because she knew us and she knew our concerns and it was important as it was our first brand new home.  We were happy that we could email her at any time, and she always got back to us.  Once we moved in, we didn’t really have any hitches with the house, just one or two.  Kitch in construction always popped in to see if we needed anything, and if we asked him about something he came over straight away and had a look.  We had a good relationship with them both.

"I’d definitely recommend Keepmoat Homes..."

...because there are lots of little extras.  Normally, I don’t think they would be included in new houses, but the little extras make the difference.

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