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Mr Marcin Budak, Roman Fields, Peterborough

I love the design of the houses compared to other houses in the area.

I had been looking for second hand houses around here and when I saw these show homes I was really impressed with the finishing.  Other homes looked very similar to the houses around them, but on this development they had a different, attractive frontage in the way the windows were set, the colours they used and how it all just matched.  Everything looks really good.   My house is a good size, has a generous garden and it’s conveniently designed with a parking space under it.   

It’s a nice feeling to have a new build house.

I feel brilliant.  Everything is new and inside it’s fresh and nothing needs to be done.  All that’s left to do is the pleasurable side of painting, decorating and setting up things to go where you want them.  When it’s cold, I know the house will be warm and I can sit back, relax, watch some movies and just enjoy it.

I can see the potential for the area.

I have a lovely view from my window looking out onto the fields we are surrounded by.  They are continuing to build and I think they will turn it into a really nice, new area.  Already I can see a water feature at the entrance that will be very pretty when it’s finished. 

Everyone I met was really nice.

With the sales team everything was quite quick; in only four or five weeks it was done.  I was happy with that.  It was exactly the same with the site team.  With anything I wanted they said “no problem”.  With whatever I needed done, or if I didn’t feel comfortable with something, they would always change it for me.       

I’d definitely recommend Keepmoat Homes

Because they build nice houses in nice areas and I really like the designs.  A lot of my friends really like my house; it looks different and it’s fashionable. 

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