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The Benefits of Open Plan Living

Open plan living is becoming increasingly popular due to the sociable and spacious atmosphere. If you’re deciding whether an open plan layout is right for you, we’ve shared a handful of benefits for this kind of floorplan:




The Heart of the Home

One of the main bonuses of open plan living is the multi-functional space it brings. As a focal point in the home, this usually combines the most important rooms in the house and creates a large space to socialise. From cooking in the kitchen and chilling on the sofa, to catching up with the family or keeping an eye on the kids, an open plan set up truly becomes the heart of the home, and a key place that people are drawn to.

Due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find time for the whole family to gather around, and often we struggle to spend quality time together in the home. Open plan living nevertheless provides the solution!

It appears that knocking down walls also knocks down barriers between people, as the open floorplan allows you the choice to continue enjoying all individual activities, whilst ensuring your family stays connected with one another and can relax in the same area, which ultimately creates a sense of togetherness.  


The Social Space

Open plan living provides homeowners with a large social space for gatherings, so if you enjoy hosting, then this layout will be well suited to your lifestyle. The open plan layout provides a fluid space which instantly creates a more interactive atmosphere, where friends and family can easily convene and converse with one another.

What’s more, whilst your kitchen still retains its purpose of cooking scrumptious meals, the open plan space also allows the chef to get involved in the conversation, rather than being segregated from the group.  




Lighting it Up

The omission of walls instantly creates one large light-filled area. The nature of the open plan design allows for natural light and air to flow throughout the house uninterrupted. This creates an even more open and spacious feel, especially if the room has large windows or patio doors leading to the rear garden, which will no doubt be a godsend during the summer months.

Another bonus for allowing added natural light into your home is that it’s a great mood uplifter, and not to mention it saves on the electricity bill!




Flexibility of Space

Open plan living provides the freedom to design your home exactly how you’d like. By removing the dividing walls, the room instantly transforms into a single, flowing space – and if you enjoy minimalist décor, an open plan flooring will become your dream.  

For those who prefer to section off parts of the room to maintain structure, instead of the limitations of walls, kitchen tables, breakfast bars and furniture are great substitutes without closing off the room. There is also added flexibility with the space as you’re able to move any interior items to create different dynamics to suit your needs.




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