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Scarily Good Interiors to Create a Spooktacular Lair this Halloween

Halloween is the perfect opportunity for grownup ghouls to add a haunting essence to their homes. If you’re planning on decorating your lair this Halloween, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice the style and turn your home into a haunted house - instead just a few small touches can go a long way to get you into the spirit.

Here we’ve shared our favourite Halloween décor ideas to help you add those elegantly eerie touches to your home.  


Pimp it with pumpkins 


A pumpkin is the emblem of Halloween and no home is complete without these orange additions.
Whether that means spending an evening carving for a breath-taking centrepiece or adding smaller ornaments for a more subtle approach, a pumpkin with a tealight is an easy win to add some spooky ambience.

For a seasonal showstopper, why not turn a corner of your room into a pumpkin patch for any little ones to handpick their own pumpkin for carving?



If you don’t fancy overflowing your home with bright orange and are looking to go down a more spellbindingly stylish approach, you could start a new tradition of painting pumpkins.

White pumpkins create a ghostly look that will blend well with most of your existing décor and won’t bring any scary colour combinations into your home. You could also get creative and mix up the colours to match the scheme of your space – and for an even more subtle approach, use mini pumpkins as plant pots to house your indoor greenery.


Cunning Candles 

While candles and lanterns are great addition for anytime of the year, as day turns to night, they work particularly well to cast a ghostly glow around your home for Halloween. You could even prop spooky silhouettes above the candles and create a spooktacular shadow dance across the walls.



Gothic Glamour

Despite common belief, creating frightfully stylish Halloween décor doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Take a look around your home for vases and ornaments that are typical Halloween shades and group all of these together to create a scene from Dracula.

You don’t have to go overboard with the all-black look - it may be nice to add some other shades such as deep greens, dusky blues and moody purples.



A few coats of matte-black spray paint turns any holiday garland into a Halloween-ready accessory.
You could also let your dark side flourish in the dining room by switching your everyday cutlery with traditional silverware and contrast this with gothic black plates and accessories. 


Terrifying Trimmings

If you’re looking to go for a spookier look in your home, you can easily make a statement with fake spiderwebs. You can weave the web on your walls, over the table or over your door which will no doubt bring a more traditional Halloween feel.



Don’t forget to also think about making an impact from the moment you step inside your home and transform your entrance with a macabre doormat to really set the scene for the rest of the interiors.

One of the easiest ways to add a subtle addition to your home is with cushions and throws. If you’re going with a theme throughout your home, these can complement your chosen colour combination or feature iconic Halloween silhouette and will create the ultimate cosy lair without ruining the look.


Fiendish Foraging

With the weather turning chilly and the leaves starting to fall, you can create a wonderfully whimsical setting using fallen branches. You can leave it plain to create a fun twist on the old witch’s broom or use the branches as a wildwood backdrop to hang devilish decorations or spooky ornaments from.



For a more natural setting, adding subtle autumnal touches to your home such as a gold leaf-shaped lights can give an illusion of a glowing tree and is a great addition for a colourful décor piece on your mantle.


Mystical Music

To really set the scene in your home – play some Halloween music. Here we’ve pulled together our very own haunted hits playlist to ensure you have a bewitching good time listening to all the thrilling tunes.

We hope you have a spooktacular Halloween and don’t forget to share your pics with us on social by tagging @KeepmoatHomes.  

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