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The Best Friday Night Films - Family Favourites

Cold, rainy nights are quickly approaching, which means now is the perfect time to stay at home. relax on the sofa and watch your favourite film.

But with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV and everything else our there the never-ending ‘what shall we watch’ scenario is a very real possibility! 

Fear not we've put together a list of our top films that this week fall into the "Family Favourites" category.

But if you think we've missed off your favourite family film, please let us know on Facebook and Instagram.

Harry Potter  
Fancy a movie marathon? The Harry Potter series will take you 20 hours to watch all eight films from start to finish but are ideal to watch as the dark nights dawn. Journey to Hogwarts for a magical on-screen weekend with your family. All you need is a bowl of popcorn (or two), then Wingardium Leviosa.







The Goonies
An all-time family favourite released in 1985, The Goonies will always be one that all the family can enjoy. The film follows a group of friends including optimistic Mikey, his older brother Brandon, an inventor Data, talkative Mouth, and clumsy Chunk as they search for missing treasure to save their neighbourhood. But beware, there may be a few booby traps along the way.







Once upon a time in a far (far) away swamp, an ogre’s solitude is shattered by an invasion of annoying fairy tale creatures and the funniest donkey of all time! Shrek is a light-hearted family film filled with laughter, love and a couple of cheeky innuendoes for the adults.








Take a chance on Mamma Mia! If ABBA isn’t the soundtrack to your Friday night in, then what is? An uplifting musical to transport you from your living room to a sunny Greek island. Mamma Mia will fill you and your family with joy and may even get you up off your sofa for a singalong and dance… voulez vous?!







Next week's category will be "Classic Films" so send us your suggestions via Facebook and Instagram

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