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The Best Friday Night Films - Comedies

If it’s been a long week then it’s time to curl up on the sofa and enjoy a side-splitting comedy. Whether you prefer a hilarious slapstick or a classic rom com, we have something to make everyone smile. 

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Everyone loves a romcom! Bridesmaids follows Annie as her life spirals out of control when she tries to be the best maid of honour she can for her best friend, Lilian. Annie’s nightmare becomes worse when Lilian gets a new friend who tries to take over the wedding. We won’t give too much away with this one but trust us - it’s a must see!







Mean Girls
If you have seen this one, then you must admit it’s a guilty pleasure. This film will take you back in time to high school, mixing with everyone from the queen bees to wannabees. Mean Girls follows a new girl at school, Cady as she aims to fit in, landing herself a place in the ‘plastics’. No spoilers, but this one is so fetch.








The Hangover
Ever woken up from a stag do with a tiger in your bathroom? Or a missing groom? If anything could go wrong a few days before your wedding, it happens in The Hangover. The film is arguably one of the funniest of the past decade and if you enjoy the first film, there is another two for you to gorge on as well.







Calling all Marvel and action lovers, this one is for you! Deadpool is a hilarious superhero movie that contains your typical, amusing oneliners but still retains the stylish intensity of a Marvel film. So, whether you are a die-hard superhero fan or just enjoy a good action movie, this one is certainly worth the watch.


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