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Home Ownership

8 things I learned about homeownership

We’ve been in our little Ashby for just over 9 months now. I can’t believe it’s been that long, but also, it’s felt like no time at all. I will say that there are some things about homeownership that have come as a bit of a surprise, so let's break it down. 


1) Tradespeople are expensive and hard to find

The luxury of getting a new build home is that actually, there is very little work that needs to be done. We did decide to go ahead to do a few things ourselves, like the garden and the shower. Boy, I was not ready for those quotes! Whatever ballpark figure I had developed in my head was nowhere near what we were quoted. I felt I physically recoiled. Tradesmen also are an enigma; you get them out, they say they’ll give you a quote, and they magically vanish, never to be heard from again. We did eventually get some really excellent guys in to do the work we wanted but just be prepared, it’s not always a budget-friendly option. 



2) You constantly want to decorate

Right now, I have the itch that I desperately want to scratch. Decorating. You’re given a 6-month window to let the house dry out properly, and since we got past that, I’ve been keen to start making the rooms feel more individual. I decided, to be logical, that we should really wait a full year to make sure we knew that the lighting was right for the colours I had in mind. We’re building up to this process now, and I absolutely cannot wait to see how our home transforms. But, you can always buy soft furnishings to make up for the lack of painting. Trust me, I know.


3) You’re always on Instagram or Pinterest

I fit into all the homeowner clichés I promised I would avoid! I’m addicted to Instagram and Pinterest. I have so many boards and so many folders filled with ideas and inspiration that I’m almost overwhelmed. I have a list as long of my arm with concepts, but I’ve begun to narrow down what I plan on doing. But still, it draws me in. Great for any future home purchases, or to advise friends (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it)!


4) You appreciate your friendly home robots

Can I write a sonnet about my dishwasher? Or an ode to my washing machine? I’ve never had a dishwasher before, and my previous washing machine was something straight out of the 90s, so to own two very fancy pieces of tech that do everything so effortlessly, I’m just thrilled. Also the sheer convenience of having your dishes washed for you by an efficient robot, I’m a big fan. 



5) IKEA becomes your second home

IKEA, king of meatballs and spending more than double what you anticipated. Has anyone in the history of the world, gone into IKEA and only bought exactly what they need? If the answer is yes, they’re definitely lying. I’ll make a list, know exactly what areas to hit, and then come out with one of those blue bags almost breaking my shoulders. Who needs that many trinkets??? I cannot be stopped. 


6) YouTubing how to do any minor work

Have you ever considered how to bleed a radiator? Or what you would do to create your own compost? This is all my YouTube search history is now. There is also some calm and pleasant person ready to tell you how to do all of these things. It saves the embarrassment of asking a real person. I even proactively search for things that have yet to happen! Just call me Handy Andy. 


7) There is always some form of cleaning to be done and laundry

The infinite jobs, cleaning and laundry. I’ve attempted a Mrs Hinch lifestyle (not for me), but I do try to keep on top of everything. By the end of the week, I might have let a few things slide. But the moment it’s all been put away is just the best. The clean feeling just can’t be beaten. I’ll often just stand to admire my handiwork. It feels like that first moment when you got all your things unpacked. 


8) Your neighbours are excellent folks

Honestly, the neighbours are the best. We have such a good little row of houses, and everyone is so genuinely lovely. I know one of things I was worried about it having neighbours that we didn’t get on with. In our last place, we lived in a block of flats, and in the 4 years we lived there, I think I spoke to a neighbour once. Here, we all message each other and are genuinely really supportive. I love it!

So there we go, 8 things we’ve learnt since getting our own home. Are any of these stories similar for you? Let me know!

We will be keeping you up to date with Chloe’s Keepmoat Journey but if you want to discover more about her life, check out her Instagram.  


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