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Elf on the Shelf Inspiration

It’s almost December and with home meaning more to us all right now, many of us will be maxing out the Christmas festivities this year. December the first is the day to start advent calendars, but a more recent addition to the Christmas traditions is Elf on the Shelf. ​



Before we look at some idea inspiration for your home this year, let’s take a look at how it all started…


The Story behind Elf on the Shelf

It all started in 2004 with a book. Mum and daughter Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell decided to write a book about an old tradition of an elf sent from Santa who came to watch over them at Christmas time. They called it: ‘The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition’.

The elf is a ‘scout elf’ who sits on a shelf or somewhere else in the home watching the children’s behaviour during the run up to Christmas. Each night, the elf flies back to the North Pole and reports back to Santa about how the kids have been behaving, helping Santa with his naughty and nice lists.

Each morning he returns to a new spot within the home and it’s up to the children in the house to find the elf. And from there the idea snowballed. Today, it’s a global phenomenon with tens of millions of families joining in the daily elf-hunting activity throughout December.


Elf hiding place ideas

Be warned, once you’ve started your elf hiding, there’s no turning back. You’ll need to think of a new hiding spot every day up to Christmas Eve (Santa then picks him up during his present drop run and takes elf back to the North Pole).


Corona Elf

We predict that social media will be awash with images of face mask-wearing elves this year. So best get your sewing kit out and make elf a tiny face covering. Why not sit elf on the floor and socially distance some of your child’s cuddly toys? Decorate with a hand-drawn “2m” arrow between elf and the toys and you’ve nailed 2020 corona elf.


Spa Elf

A small white flannel will make a great relaxing spa bed for elf. You’ll need to bend elf’s arms behind his head to achieve ‘relaxation mode’, whilst adding some white face cream and two tiny cucumber cut-outs for the full facial effect.





Zip Wire Elf

Taking elf outside the house will add plenty of pizzaz to the elf-hunting experience. For this you’ll need some string and a dry night. Check the weather forecast otherwise you’ll have a soggy elf for the following day.

Tie one end of the string to the top of either a patio door or a downstairs window and the other end to the bottom of a fence or a swing in the garden. You’ll need to measure out the distance and then secure elf somewhere between the two.





Tumble Dryer Elf

Although ‘tumble dryer elf’ is in most parents’ repertoires, if the weather forecast was wrong, this might just be your next move. And don’t forget, elf needs to stay put, untouched all day, so make sure you don’t have a load that needs drying.





Freezer Elf

Another pretty obvious one, but remember you’ve got 24 days to fill. Drop elf into one of your freezer drawers for a quick but brrrrrrilliant hiding spot.





Photocopier Elf

This is where elf gets a little cheeky. Literally.

With lots of us working from home, many more households will have access to a printer-scanner (you could also use a mobile or tablet too), so why not photocopy elf’s bottom and leave copies on the floor of the room where your printer-scanner lives. Elf may have gathered other household cuddly toys for a major scanning session – naughty elf!





Toilet Elf

We thought we’d end our Elf on the Shelf inspiration blog with one the kids are sure to be giggling about for days: elf needed the toilet. For this one, drop a few raisins or coffee beans into the toilet pan, cover with cling film, drop the seat and plonk elf on top. Hey presto, elf on the loo. And remember, elf can’t be moved, so you’ll need a spare toilet in your home for this one, or alternatively you could use a potty.





We’d love to see what your Elf on the Shelf ideas are. Throughout December share your pics with us on social by tagging @KeepmoatHomes.  

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