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Interior Design

Style your home with your heart and head say the experts

In honour of 'New Homes Week', our latest blog post by one of our showhome interior designers, Rebecca Machin from Kerry Jane Interiors shares some of her top design tips to help you create the space you want in your new home

Establish a colour scheme

First start by creating a palette, try and come up with a basic colour scheme for the whole house and take it from room to room you will find it plays out in different ways in different rooms. For example when we designed the Showhome at Bridgwater Gardens we used purple as the colour that linked each room together.

Bold walls

We love to use wallpapers for instant design impact in most rooms but we find it works most effectively in practical spaces such as hallways, clock room, or utility's and can bring joy and funkiness to these areas making them more a place of enjoyment.

If wallpaper isn’t for you, be bold and adventurous with your paint colours. Try using moody blues or deep greens and don't be afraid to experiment on an accent wall - it can make a space come alive.


Great art only gets better with age and it doesn't have to cost the earth. Art can be a great way of adding colour and personality to any room and if you add a picture ledge, you can easily transform the room into a mini art gallery allowing you to rotate the artwork on display.

Swap chairs for benches

Benches might not be conventional but they sure are cosy, you automatically feel more friendly when your sharing a seat. Try mixing up chairs and a bench, it provides a great way of seating more people at a table without compromising on space and also helps achieve a relaxed look in any kitchen or dining room.

Love what you like

When it comes to choosing furniture, fabrics and accessories and more for your home, use your heart as well as your head by combining the two you'll end up with an individual home that reflects the tastes of those who live in it. And remember love what you like!


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