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Creating the perfect home for your feline friend

You’ve moved into your first home and all the excitement has suddenly built up, now you’ve already pestered your other half about getting a pet, because let’s face it . . . We’ve all been there (or is it just me).

I’m here to give you a few tips and ideas on how to create the most relaxing and comfortable home for your new furry feline. Settling them into a new home can be tricky. The personality of the pet always affects how they’ll cope with the new environment.

We always knew we would end up with cats, if it was up to me, I’d have a house full!

Indie was three and Luna two when they joined us in our new home, we had no idea how they would settle in, but everything was in place for them to join our family, we researched everything from the British shorthair breed to food, beds and grooming, but nothing really prepared us until their furry faces arrived.

Below are my top tips to create the purrfect place for your new little companion(s):

  1. Hazard Free Zone
    Do your research - Make sure your house is free from toxic plants and any dangers that could affect your new furry friend. But don’t worry if you think you’ll be missing some greenery, you can get lovely house plants that won’t harm your pets and still look amazing!
  2. Happy Heights
    Cats feel safe when they can see their surroundings from a height, cat trees are perfect for this or create a cosy nest by popping a couple of blankets on top of a wardrobe or somewhere high.
  3. Lap It Up
    Cats prefer their food and drink bowls separate, the best thing we ever bought is a cat fountain. We placed this in the lounge away from the food - it filters the water and trickles whilst they sit and watch it – what’s more we’ve never known them drink so much since we bought it.
  4. Playtime
    Making sure you have enough toys, climbing towers and cat trees so your cats don’t get bored whilst you’re out (especially if they are house cats like Indie and Luna). A sturdy scratch post will not only save your furniture but will mean your cats are also able to enjoy a stretch and scratch – this keeps their nails in perfect condition and your sofa looking as good as new. We also have an amazing ‘catio’ in our garden for those summer nights, Indie and Luna love getting the wind in their whiskers. 
  5. Oh Poo!
    Ideally you should have one litter tray per cat – away from food and drink. A good 3cm high of litter, trays should be cleaned every day with products that are cat friendly, this will stop any nasty odours or accidents.

There is no better welcome than 4 (or in my case 8) little paws running towards the door – We hope you enjoy your first home experiences with your new fury companion as much as I have!

Alice can be found sharing stories about her life in a Keepmoat Home and more importantly the fantastic Indie and Luna at


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