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Inexpensive things mums REALLY want on Mother’s Day

Do you find yourself tirelessly looking around shops, browsing the array of products filled with ‘World’s Best Mum’ slogans and still have no idea what to get for Mother’s Day? We can help!

Mother’s Day isn’t all about splashing the cash, and believe it or not, it’s often the smallest things that go the longest way. With Mothering Sunday just around the corner, we’ve shared an insight into what mums really want this weekend – and the best part is that they don’t cost you the earth!


A well-earned rest

We often rely heavily on our mums, no matter what age we are. They’re always there, 24 hours a day, to lend a helping hand, or provide a bit of support. So, for one day (at least!), give her what she wants the most – the ability to stay in bed and relax (even if it’s just for an extra hour), hassle free.  

Most mums don’t have time to enjoy regular lie-ins so allowing her the morning to catch up on her sleep without any distractions will feel like heaven. When she does eventually get up, she’ll feel refreshed and well-rested – and there’s no better feeling than that!


A pamper session

Time is often a luxury mums don't have, so allow mum to relax! If a little pampering is at the top of her agenda, why not run her a nice hot bath?

A bath can be a beautiful and relaxing place that gives her time to de-stress from everyday life.

To enhance her experience, why not gift her a scented candle which will add a warm glow to the room as well as give off beautiful aromas which will undoubtedly help her to unwind.

Spa days also present a fun and relaxing opportunity for mums to rejuvenate (and you can get in on it too!), however these can also be expensive. The solution? Create a spa day in the comfort of your own home and show Mum all the care and attention she deserves.

Turn the lighting down, slip into a robe and create your own signature spa water by adding her favourite fruits, before taking it in turns giving each other a manicure, pedicure or back massage.

Make sure to also buy a couple of face masks or why not make your own using items in the cupboards, and don’t forget the cucumbers for your eyes! 


Take the weight off her feet

Mum’s work tirelessly every day, doing things behind the scenes to keep the house in tip top condition - a break from the everyday chores would definitely go a long way.

Whilst she’s enjoying a lie in, a soak in a bath or settling down to read a book, give the house a quick spring clean. You could put a wash on, do the dishes or give the house a once over with the vac. It’s jobs like these that we often take for granted but there’s so much time and effort that goes into making the house spotless, so we’re sure lending her a helping hand would be greatly appreciated.


Quality time

Life can be hectic, and we often struggle to find time to sit down with one another without an array of distractions, however for one day only, make sure you give her your full attention. Put away the mobile phones, turn off the TV and spend some time talking about your lives and enjoying each other’s company.

If mum enjoys cooking, why not whip up a family meal together or bake a cake? If the weather’s nice, you could pop to your local park for a picnic, go for a walk, or even just relax together in the garden. It’s often times like these that she treasures the most – and more often than not, they don’t cost you a penny!

We hope our tips help you create the perfect day for your mum. Just remember, the day is designed to celebrate the incredible things motherly figures in our lives do without thought and without thanks – and letting them know how much we appreciate their support and how special they are will mean the world to them.  


Happy Mother’s Day!

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