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Easy ways to recycle at home

In the current climate, we know that a little bit of recycling can go a long way, and thankfully it’s now easier than ever to do your bit from the comfort of your own home.

Many of us already separate our recyclables from our general rubbish in the kitchen, but did you know there’s a lot more you can be doing in the home to reduce your waste and manage your carbon footprint?

We’ve shared an insight into a number of different things you can do around your home that you might not have thought of, enabling you to live more sustainably and help the planet for generations to come.



We already know that separating cans, glass bottles and plastics is the easiest way to help with the waste output from your house, but did you know that one recycled drinks can is enough to power a TV for four hours, and plastic bottles can be made into football shirts, fleeces and new plastic bottles? So every time you put a plastic container or a drinks bottle in the recycling bin, you can be reassured that you’re making a difference.

It’s also good to reuse where you can in the kitchen. Instead of throwing out a glass bottle, why not make it into a vase for some flowers, or add some fairy lights to the inside and make a one-of-a-kind lamp?

You can also recycle water with the greatest of ease, saving you money on your bills as well as being resourceful. Instead of throwing the water from cooking pasta directly down the drain, you could let it cool and pour it into your plant pots outside to help them grow.

Save your bags (and the additional 5ps) from the supermarket for the next time you shop. If you can get a canvas bag to use for your shopping, these will last you much longer and you’ll reduce the production of unnecessary plastics.


Living room

In the living room, make sure you’re recycling any old newspapers, magazines or TV guides that are no longer of use. Or even better, why not cancel your paper subscription and go digital?

Some companies are making great steps in reducing their delivery packaging; however some still have to use large amounts of Styrofoam or plastic to ensure your purchase arrives safely to your front door. There’s nothing wrong with returning the packaging to the sender so that it’s off your hands – they may even have a pre-determined system for this as well.  



Beauty and grooming product packaging can be recycled, but make sure you check them individually as some are more difficult than others and may need collecting by a specific company.

If you’re having a big clear out and want to get rid of some of your old clothes or shoes, find out where your closest recycling point is and drop them off there. Sometimes these can be in the car park of your local supermarket, so you won’t have to travel far at all! Recycled clothes often go to homeless charities or developing countries, so you can put your mind at rest knowing that your good deed is directly helping other people.

Old appliances and tech products can also be recycled, but this is not as easy as putting a plastic bottle in a different bin. You can contact your local electronics shop to see if they provide an existing recycling option or look for companies in your local area that specialise in the recycling of technology.



There’s no doubt plenty of product bottles and tubes in the bathroom that can all be reused or recycled. Why not try putting a separate recycling bin in the bathroom, saving you time and hassle having to sort your waste out afterwards?

Remember, on top of recycling your own household products, buying recycled should definitely be on your radar as well.  By purchasing products made out of recycled materials, you are supporting the same principles that you’re re-enforcing, minimising your carbon footprint and supporting greener business initiatives.

Let us know if you have any hacks that we haven’t mentioned, and happy recycling!



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