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Home Sweet Home – Moving In

Getting a foot on the property ladder and moving into your first home is a massive achievement and may seem daunting at first - Chloe Witty, a recent Keepmoat homeowner, has shared her experience and emotions of what it was like to finally get the keys and move in to her own place with her boyfriend Dan.

I spent months counting down to the moment where we could finally step into our first home - I truly don’t think I’ve ever been more excited. We spent most weekends unsubtly driving past and taking progress pictures, excitingly comparing how much had been added on since the previous week. I was giddy, absolutely and utterly giddy.

It’s a real luxury to see how your home comes together. To see the bricks being laid, the roof going on, the kitchen being fitted. I was counting down the moments to when we would finally receive the keys and be able to make the place look like ours.

On the day of getting the keys, we got a phone call from Sales Exec letting us know we could go and collect them. I think we both couldn’t contain ourselves - It was the most surreal feeling when we could finally step through the door we had been peeking through for so long.

I think our first feeling was excitement, we were thrilled. It was ours, finally ours. Dan and I dashed between rooms, opening doors and most importantly, just lying down on an empty floor. Perhaps slightly bizarre, but there’s something incredibly thrilling about masses more space than we have ever had before, and probably the cleanest the house was ever going to look!

We unpacked our welcome box from Keepmoat, which included some excellent snack choices, bin bags and the most important gift, tools – let me tell you that the tape measure was an absolute blessing.

We had booked the removals for the following day but still felt that we needed to christen the property with something of our own, so we brought in our huge swiss cheese plant. It was probably one of the funniest moments; Dan carried in this massive plant, which looked incredibly lonely by itself in the living room.

We also met our neighbours around this time, which was perfect, and makes you feel more settled into the community feel. Plus, they were lovely, so a bonus all round.

Moving in is a total rush, and the day goes by in a blur. Before a blink of an eye, we were in, there were boxes everywhere and we were shattered.

After the chaos of moving the following day, the first night is the loveliest thing. I had candles burning, the heating on and the blankets were out, and it was finally time to get cosy and rest. We felt utterly content with our home and excited about what the future was going to hold. But most of all, it’s because I could finally get my feet up.

We will be keeping you up to date with Chloe’s Keepmoat Journey but if you want to discover more about her life, check out her blog.   

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