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Bedroom Inspiration: If Kids Were Allowed to Call the Shots

The half term holidays are a great time to re-decorate the kids bedroom, but why not get them involved in the decision making?

Children have very specific visions of how they want to decorate their bedrooms, often inspired by epic movies, TV programmes or their heroes, so we wanted to home in on some of our little customer’s desires when it comes to interior décor.  

We’ve partnered with @kattyharding and @aspirebymaria and shared the incredible imaginations of their children, Leo (aged 4 ½ years old) and Ella (aged 2 ½ years old). Here’s what they would have if they were allowed to call the shots on their bedroom:   



Leo's Bedroom



Leo would have a superhero bedroom with different coloured capes and masks hanging up so he could grab one and go to rescue people whenever he needed to.

His bed would have a slide on it so he can zoom down it to fight off the baddies, along with lots of different superhero POWs and ZAPs on the walls so he could pretend to be shooting powers out of his hands.

When the adventures were all over, he would have somewhere to store all his books so he could still snuggle with his mam under a blanket for a bedtime story before he settles down for his super nap. 



Ella's Bedroom




Ella’s ideal bedroom would be a mix of Blippi (YouTuber), Super Jojo, cars, dinosaurs, and PAW Patrol. Her bed would be a green, raised treehouse with a slide, PAW Patrol bedding, and a rainbow projector nightlight to fuel her imagination before falling asleep. 

As Ella is very adventurous, on the wall she would have dinosaurs so that she can ‘rawr’ at them, as well as green and purple busses as she loves spotting these when she’s in the car.

She would also have a little garage in the corner of the room to keep all of her cars, as well as a cot for her favourite baby doll to sleep in next to her.


If your little one could decorate their own bedroom, what would they have? Download your own bedroom design for them to decorate here – and share these with us by tagging @KeepmoatHomes on social media!

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