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Impactful lighting for a new home

Lighting trends change as quickly as any home trend, but it is often the forgotten element of a room. Here, Helen White, founder of houseof, has shared her tips for working trend-led lighting into a room to create an impact and transform the overall look and feel of your new home. 



Soft curves 

Harsh lines are being banished from lighting in 2020 and if you’re into your interior design, you’ll have started to notice curves, ovals and soft pill forms working their way to the forefront. Soft curves can create a more comfortable feel and a fluid silhouette in a room - a clear distinction from the razor-sharp edges of years gone by. 

Colour Blocks

We are seeing people being much braver with colour this year, from statement green sofas to soft pink beds. Colourful lighting is also on trend, with blander neutrals giving way to bolder colour for impactful lighting and smaller details.


Concrete has come a long way from feeling harsh and is now a great material to use in your interiors as it can be moulded and coloured. Ribbing textures and soft colours really make this material much more delicate and easy to work into the look of a room.  


Concrete Ribbed Table Lamp - Grey

Soft lighting 

Lighting doesn’t always need to be overbearing and powerful. Soft diffused lighting is trending right now as we seek to create sanctuaries of calm in our homes. LED lighting once had a reputation for being too harsh, but a carefully created casing to cast shadows, as well as frosted glass finishes can temper this and deliver a much more ambient feel, while also remaining environmentally friendly.


Ellipse Table Lamp - Brass


Marble is used most commonly for worktops but you can also bring it into your lighting to create a luxurious feel. Green marble mixed with brass is a classic combination, and the warm glow of a frosted lighting finish can be a striking contrast against a glossy marble topping. Bright colours can warm the coolness of the stone, and mixing bold metals like gold, brass and silver can create a distinctive look. 


Marble Column Table Lamp - Brass

Ribbed glass 

Ribbed glass feels industrial and vintage, which is why this trend seems to be having a resurgence. Industrial lighting as a trend is being widely reintroduced, being blended into more sophisticated looks with cleaner, smoother lines rather than a more unique, statement aesthetic. 

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