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Creating the Perfect Picnic in Your Garden

For me, summer is all about spending time with the whole family whilst enjoying some lovely food and drink, so it's no surprise that my absolute favourite summer activity is going for a picnic! However, as a new mum to my nearly one-year old baby boy (cry), I’ve realised that going out is getting harder to do. Trying to plan ahead, pack all the food and cutlery and get Rory out before the sun disappears is hard, but that’s British summer for you! That's why garden picnics are my new love; having that space outdoors to escape to in the sun makes life that much better. 

Seeing as July is National Picnic Month, I thought I’d share with you my perfect home picnic set up and must haves, and yes - cake and flowers are a must!

For the perfect garden picnic, just add a touch of cosy ...

I moved into my Keepmoat home three years ago and in the summer I'm lucky enough to enjoy stepping through my patio doors into my beautiful garden. Picnics at home are much more relaxing and easier to set up around the needs of my little person.

Now let's talk picnic! It’s amazing what a few homely touches can do to create a comfy outdoor space. My favourite accessories are cushions of different sizes, a nice throw or rug and a few brightly coloured bowls and plates which brings all your garden furniture together and creates a lovely atmosphere.

Try mixing colours and textures. I’ve chosen a soft pink blanket to contrast with the grass, and a pom pom cushion as something to relax with on the floor. This will create a welcoming space for you and your family to enjoy all day, and once you've finished you can wrap up warm for the evening.

Find that perfect basket! 

Let’s be honest, no picnic is complete without a picnic basket. I love wooden ones, like this dark basket from Dunelm, but any will work as it's what you fill it with that matters. So, pack up all your favourite treats and head outside. My go to is fruit, cake, a bottle of something fizzy and few finger snacks!

Flower power

Finally, the perfect picnic isn't complete until you have flowers. Put them in vases or have potted plants. You don't need a full garden to enjoy the beauty of summer, plus, nothing beats the scent and colour that nature brings - who doesn't love a fresh bunch of flowers?!

So, there you have it, my perfect picnic set up. Enjoy your summer 😊  

Kirstie x


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