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Out with the Old, In with the New: Interior Design Trends for 2021

With many of us spending much more time at home this past year, you might have found yourself in need of a fresh start, with a new look in your home to set the tone for the year ahead. We’ve curated some of the biggest interior trends set to make an appearance in 2021, so you can start the year in sensational style.  


Home Away from Home

Given the holiday blues seem to have set in for much longer than anticipated and we’re all yearning for a relaxing tropical getaway, it’s no surprise that a holiday-at-home style has made a comeback. By introducing exotic leaves and florals into the home, you can create a sense of escapism that will transport you to distant shores without having to leave your house. Not only that, succulents and other leafy plants also come with a whole host of added benefits such as boosting happiness, calming nerves and cleaning the air you breathe.  



Interiors centred around global inspiration offer a relaxing living space and make a home an inviting place to recharge and reflect on past travels, whilst adding a contemporary edge to your look. As well as this, the masses are keen to utilise natural and sustainable materials when kitting out their homes, and wicker and rattan furniture options are on the rise. These natural materials add warmth to the home and will no doubt be seen as the ‘in thing’ for years to come.


Down to Earth

We’re expecting shades to warm up this year. Following Dulux’s announcement of its Colour of the Year - Brave Ground - the home designs flooding the social channels seem to be being built around this natural, earthy colour palette. With a decline of the clean and crisp, white minimalist look, be prepared for warm greens, deep blues and earthy tones to creep into view, especially in kitchen cabinets, creating a cosier, more welcoming space, and the ultimate trend-setting look.




Wall Panelling

Panelled walls might have once been reserved for libraries and drawing rooms, but over the last year they've been re-invented as we’ve seen a surge in statement wall designs in the home, and they’re here to stay for 2021.

Bringing a little country charm, wall panelling adds architectural shape and character and creates a sleek backdrop to any room. 




Japandi interiors bring about eastern zen and treats the home as a luxury, harmonious sanctuary, which is certainly what we all need right now. This style is an infusion of Japanese design and Scandinavian aesthetic and while the two locations may be thousands of miles apart geographically, they do in fact have a lot in common in terms of décor.

Combining the Scandi rustic feel with the Japanese element of dark wood and sleek shapes, this style is all about simple, personalised, and natural-looking pieces of furniture, often made by hand and with a nod to sustainability. Think pampas grass, silhouette shaped artwork and bamboo accessories, anchored by neutral colours to create a minimalistic and calming set up.



Flexible Living Spaces

Let’s not forget, whilst we hope that the current situation will improve this year, many of us are now working, exercising and relaxing within the same four walls, and this shift to full-time remote working is more than likely to be a permanent fixture. For that reason, flexible workspaces, home gyms and multi-functional spaces will continue to be high in demand.

As we head into 2021, we’re expecting to see more people on the hunt for flexible storage solutions, versatile for a range of needs. You can find more inspiration on ways to create a flexible living space here.



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