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4 Easy Ways to Bring 2020's Interior Trends into Your Home

Interior design trends are always changing, and with 2020 well underway, there’s no time like the present to check out the latest ideas for home décor.

While our first thoughts often turn to refreshing our personal lives in the wake of a new year, a new beginning also presents an opportunity to update your home too. From natural lighting in the bedroom to textured walls and floors in the bathroom, when it comes to interior trends for 2020, the bathroom design experts at Jaquar know what they’re talking about.

Take a look at the below tips to leave you ready and primed to take on this year’s hottest interior ideas.



Add luxury with texture

Luxury interiors are going to be big this year and anything with a tactile quality is a sure-fire way to add a luxe aesthetic to your home. Whether you opt for elegant velvet cushion covers or a thick fluffy cream rug, the added textures these sensuous fabrics bring are sure to deliver a premium finish. Layering different materials and textures is also a brilliant way to bring the space to life and adds a strong element of comfort and cosiness - perfect for seeing out the remaining winter months.

We’d recommend starting with a statement piece such as a fabric chair, and introduce smaller accessories such as cushions and throws until the area looks complete. To avoid a flat or uninviting look, combine several shades and textures that complement each other to create a place where you can really relax and unwind. Varying your choice of textures and tones will add some flair, while steering you away from oversaturating the room with too much of the same.


Let the light in

An abundance of natural light in any room of the home instantly makes it feel more inviting and pleasurable to be in, and one of the most important rooms where natural light makes the most impact is the bathroom. Not only is it functional if you’re applying make-up or having your morning shave, but it will also help to improve serotonin levels.

It could be as simple as watching how the natural light falls in your room, and using strategically placed mirrors to maximise it or create a focal point where it reflects off the wall to strengthen its presence. If you have a dark room, opt for lighter hues on the walls and ceiling to make it instantly feel brighter and more on-trend. Alternatively, in the bathroom, choose glass or polished tiles on both the walls and floors to help create a mirror-like effect.


Embrace curved edges

Channel Gatsby-esque curves which echo the elegance and beauty of a bygone era by incorporating art deco-inspired pieces of furniture that offer a soft, comforting feel to any room in the house. Rounded shapes, soft lines and scalloped edges are set to be big for sofas, chairs, lamps and other integral pieces in the coming year.

Why not add a strong stylish presence to your home with an art-deco style dresser? Oozing vintage charm, it’ll instantly transform the space and bring it bang up-to-date with the latest curvy trend. Whether its placed in the hallway or the dining room, a versatile dresser will effortlessly project a luxurious aesthetic, putting the spotlight on your room of choice and adding plenty of practical storage in the process.


Be inspired by nature

From natural materials such as a beautifully carved wooden coffee table to a variety of plant life, nature is set to feature heavily this year, allowing you to truly reconnect with the outside world from the comfort of your own home. On top of looking great, introducing natural materials and products into your décor is also an effective way to bring an oasis of calm in your home, whether you opt for a small touch like some miniature cacti or change up your entire look with some oak shelves to add a touch of organic beauty.

Prepare for the spring time by bringing blooms into your home, trends in 2020 are set to prove that you can never have too many plants in one space, particularly given the recent introduction of jungle hotel suites. Combine plant life with earthy and organic materials like petrified wood or mother of pearl accessories and you’ll have truly mastered bringing the outside, in.



Getting one step ahead of the curve with interior design trends can be a great way to not only save you money, but also ensure your home feels fresh and fantastic all year round. We hope with these insights, you’ll have all the inspiration you need for making some stylish and impactful updates in your new home.


Author bio:

Alex Jones is a content writer for Jaquar, who specialise in complete luxury bathroom solutions – delivering everyday luxury to a global market.


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