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Simple Storage Solutions

If you have just purchased your new home and are struggling to find corners or secret hideaways for all your stuff, fear not - we have compiled the best storage solutions that will help to de-clutter every room in your house!

The Hallway:
Whether you have a fabulous array of shoes or just too many feet in the house, more often than not your entranceway becomes a bit of a dumping ground with shoes piled high. If this drives you crazy every time you step inside your home, shelving, like Anastasia Batey’s shoe rack, fits into the smallest of corners, utilising dead space and massively reducing clutter on the floor.


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The Lounge:
Often full of furniture, living rooms are usually in need of a storage solution that doesn’t sacrifice on style and space.

Coffee tables with added draws and shelves are particularly handy when it comes to storing all the family life essentials you may not want out on display all the time. And if yours doesn’t come with an added storage solution, don’t forget there is always space under your table which can utilised! 


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The Kitchen:
Do you often find your cleaning cupboard overflowing with miscellaneous products and you can never find the one you need? Whether you have a cabinet, closet or a cupboard under the sink, utilizing a few inexpensive baskets or dividers to sort your detergents from your dishwasher tablets and polish etc. will have your space in tip top shape in no time. You can even make use of your door!


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The Bedroom:
Your bedroom should be a place to relax, and not somewhere you have to scramble over your clothes and belongings as you attempt to get into bed.

If you’re looking for storage that doesn’t encroach on the look and feel of your room, make your mark with mirrored items such as chest of drawers. Not only ideal for clearing away all the clutter and storing it out of sight, but they also add a touch of glam and reflect natural light in and around your room.


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The Bathroom:
Your bathroom needs to house several essential bits and pieces you just can’t store elsewhere, including loo roll and toiletries. But to avoid your bathroom appearing cluttered, baskets and containers are a simple, yet effective way to keep smaller items together in one place and combined with shelving can often be the first step on the road to bathroom redemption.


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