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Shenanigans Your Pet Gets Up to When You’re Not at Home

Have you ever wondered what your pet gets up to when they’re home alone?

Many owners assume their pets just hang out in the house while they’re gone, doing similar things to when you are at home – and while that is often true, there is a bank of evidence that this is not always the case.

Given the average dog and cat sleeps for around 14 hours a day, it goes without saying that most pets take advantage of the peace and quiet to get a good amount of kip without any distractions. Why else do you think they are so excited and active when you walk back through the door?  

Life nevertheless can get a bit ‘ruff’ for your pet when you leave the house. Pets are social animals and get used to having us around and can miss us when we’re gone. Their great sense of smell can sometimes lead them to new places to sleep, such as on your clothes, inside your cupboards or on your bed, with the reality being coming home to your belongings being covered in fur.



Pets are inquisitive and when they’re not sleeping, they can spend hours looking out of the window, keeping an eye on things, but when that doesn’t interest them, they can take things to new heights inside the home. Cats are natural climbers and thanks to their claws, nothing is insurmountable - not even kitchen cupboards.



If your pet gets bored being stuck indoors, like humans, they start to look for ways to entertain themselves, and it’s not really their fault that there’s an array of things that needs to be played in the house. The loo roll often becomes the first victim, and you could come home to find chewed tissue scattered all over the house. This is a recurring issue for our HR Director as she often catches her dog red-pawed, chewing 12 rolls of toilet roll!




Lack of exercise can also make your pet restless, resulting in them taking it out on a pillow, your favourite slippers or the blinds. They might even try their hand at interior designing and re-arrange the furniture or re-style the rug.  

Eating also stays prominent in their mind and while they may have food in their bowl, or treats laying around, the temptation of the cereal inside the cupboard or fresh meat in the fridge can become too much to handle – especially when their owners aren’t home to tell them to stop.



It’s not always food though! The phrase ‘the dog ate my homework’ is all too real for our PR Manager who came home to her dog having eaten his own homework from dog training classes!



We hope we’ve given you an understanding of what could be going on behind the scenes when you’re not at home, however if you want to find out yourself it may be worth installing a pet cam because after all ‘when the owner’s away, pets will play!’

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