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Homes with More: Things That Makes Home the Best Place to Be

A home is your unique haven. It’s a place that keeps you warm during a cold winter’s night, a place to relax after a long day and a place that contains your nearest and dearest – but what truly makes a house a home?

We believe that whilst it’s sometimes hard to describe, it’s easy to feel. 



The sights

Being one of the biggest investments you will probably make in your lifetime, a home is something you should be proud of – whether it’s aesthetically pleasing with the latest modern looks and sleek designs, or the cosiest house in the neighbourhood with moody interiors and fluffy throws – we appreciate interiors play a huge part in how you feel towards your living space.





Designed just the way you want it, in your favourite colours, and with your chosen decorations, gadgets and furniture, it’s a place that should treasure your prized possessions and provide space to hang them proud.

It can also be the little things, like waking up on a morning and drawing back the curtains to gaze upon a glistening blanket of snow, watching your kids playing together in the garden or simply walking downstairs to find empty cups and last night’s dinner plates left on the table waiting to be cleared away. These sights are the most treasured and ones that you’d be lost without.



The smells

Every home has a distinctive aroma. The people and products in it make it uniquely yours, and whilst you may barely notice it in your home, it’s there, and it’s what makes you feel truly at one with a place.

What wafts through the air when you step through your front door? Is it the smell of a freshly brewed coffee on a morning or a delicious dinner being prepared, or could it be your partner’s cologne, the scent from a flickering candle or the smell of the freshly cut grass? A home is filled with many of your favourite smells which add comfort and security to your abode.





The sounds

A home is rarely quiet. From the loud busy mornings trying to get the kids ready and the clanging and banging of pots and pans as you attempt to make dinner, to the birds tweeting outside or the latest Netflix documentary on in the background, there’s always something going on that provides an uplifting sound.

Even when your house may seem silent, if you listen closely, you can hear the not-so-distant memories which will no doubt bring a smile to your face every time. 



The touch

What feels like home to you? Home is filled with the most tender of touches - it’s the sensation of a relaxing bubble bath, a soft blanket pulled over your legs for added cosiness, the warmth of your pet by your side or a soft bed as you drift off to sleep.  





Home often feels like your best friend – it won’t raise an eyebrow at you wearing joggers or pjs all day, and it doesn’t mind if all your plans get cancelled and you end up just slouching on the couch all afternoon – it’s there for you and allows you to truly be yourself 24/7.   



The flexibility

We appreciate that now more than ever, home means more to us. These days it’s a place that doubles as a school where parents are transported back in time to their younger years and muddle through schoolwork to support their kids. It’s a place to work, make calls, hold meetings and in the evening, transforms into a theatre with live performances in the living room, a cinema with films on the telly. Maybe it even converts into a game show and hosts interactive games with the household – and not to mention requires decent internet to keep all these things ticking over.

It’s also somewhere to escape to. To exercise, ideally with green open spaces on your doorstep.





In short, whilst a house may just be four walls, a home is made up of everything else inside. Home is a sanctuary. Home is comfort. Home is inviting. Home contains everything you need. Home is a refuge from the world when times get hard, but most importantly a home is yours!


At Keepmoat Homes we know home means more right now. It’s why our flexible, adaptable homes, in great locations are built to meet all your needs. Let us know what small things make your house a home. Here’s a couple from our customers.

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