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The Best Christmas Ads of 2020

Christmas calls for time with family, gift giving, lots of food – and show stopping adverts! By now most of the big brands have launched their 2020 Christmas campaigns and we’ve had the pleasure of sifting through all of them and whittling them down to our favourite few.

From the heart-warming to the hilarious, here are our top 10:


10: Aldi – ‘Kevin the Carrot’
Kevin the Carrot once again makes an appearance on our TV screens. After five years of being featured in Aldi’s festive campaigns, he’s practically becoming a staple for Christmas!
This year, viewers watch in anticipation to see if Kevin can make it home for the big day, featuring scenes from iconic films such as ET and Top Gun, subtly touching on the topic of whether Top Gun is a Christmas film or not (Aldi thinks it is!).




9: TK Maxx – ‘The Lil’ Goat’
Who doesn’t love ‘Lil Goat’ – a sassy, enviably dressed little goat strutting in her new outfit from the retailer? The 30 second ad recognises the difficult year we’ve all had, albeit in a more tongue-in-cheek fashion, while encouraging shoppers to make everyone feel special this Christmas. It’s nice to see a Christmas ad with a fun and playful tone this year.




8: Coca-Cola – ‘by Taiki Waititi’
This one definitely tugs on the heartstrings. With the traditional Coca Cola truck tour being cancelled this year, the drinks giant has decided against launching the iconic ‘Holidays Are Coming’ ad, and has instead created a commercial which follows a dad, who works away on the oil rigs, trying to deliver his daughter’s letter to Santa. Thankfully, the Coca Cola truck does make an appearance. It’s a very emotional watch and will most likely bring a tear (or several) to your eye.




7: Argos – ‘An Evening with AbracaDaisy & The Incredible Lucy’

A great upbeat ad which brings back the famous Argos catalogue – the Book of Dreams. It provides some much-needed escapism and follows two sisters who spot a box of magic tricks in the iconic catalogue which transports them into the world of imagination, where they put on an extraordinary magic show at Christmas for all the family.




6: Sainsburys – ‘Gravy Song, Perfect Portions & Nicholas the Sweep’
Crowned this year’s most talked about festive campaign – sadly for the wrong reasons! Given lavish partying this year is becoming less likely, the supermarket invites viewers into the homes of three families, using personal video footage and phone conversations. The ad showcases a more intimate affair, focusing on families spending quality time together at home, and establishes what Christmas really means to people – as well as celebrating the true stars of a Christmas dinner.




5: John Lewis – ‘Give a Little Love’
Probably one of the most-anticipated Christmas ads of all time. This year, John Lewis’ advert was inspired by the kindness of the British public. Featuring small animals supporting one another over Christmas and passing on the goodwill, the ad aims to inspire others to carry out small acts of kindness that can have a lasting impact.
Unfortunately, we didn’t think it was as good as previous years’ which is why we’ve only ranked it 5th.




4: Woodies – ‘We Are All Homemakers’
This advert by Irish DIY store Woodies, is another one that encourages people to look out for one another and tells the story of how a simple act of homemaking becomes a beautiful act of kindness from one neighbour to another.
It’s simple yet incredibly powerful and very relatable, as there is a ‘Mrs Higgins’ in every town and village – and if there was a Christmas to look out for one another, it’s this one.




3: McDonalds – ‘Inner Child’
Well, this one is a real tear-jerker. The ad features a single mum trying to encourage her teenage son to embrace his ‘inner child’ and have fun over the festive season, when in fact he’s more interested in his gadgets than spending time with his family.
This story will ring true for many parents with older children which is why it probably pulls at the heartstrings so much – it’s certainly not one to watch if you’ve just applied your makeup!




2: Disney – ‘From our Family to Yours’
Another one that should come with a warning to watch armed with a box of tissues. Inspired by the themes of traditions and family togetherness in a year that has upended both, we follow the story of a grandmother who was gifted a Mickey Mouse toy by her dad when she was a child, who then gives her granddaughter the same toy to play with.
Thankfully the ad does have a happy ending and features some real Disney magic.  




1: Tesco – ‘No Naughty List’  
And finally, ranking as number one, the Tesco advert! It’s what we all need right now and taps into the day-to-day mishaps everyone may have had throughout this crazy year. It’s highly relatable, and you can feel yourself jumping on the bandwagon with confessions from during lockdown.
It’s a fun and uplifting campaign that helps spread a little joy – and given the year we’ve had, the message ‘there’s no naughty list this year’, urges everyone to forget their faux pas and mistakes, and treat themselves this Christmas – after all, we deserve it!



Which Christmas advert is your favourite this year? Let us know on our social channels!

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