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How to Create a Picture-Perfect Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a great way to bring style, character and personality into a room – and the beauty of one is that you can create a gallery wall anywhere!

Mel from @my_grey_place  has shared with us some tips on how to create a picture-perfect wall.


I love a gallery wall – and you certainly don’t have to have a large space at your disposal. The little gallery wall I’ve created measures just 2.5m by 1.5m - so it’s a perfect addition for an apartment or small home and instantly adds interest and style without taking up any valuable floor space.


Decide on a Style

As you can see my little gallery wall is an informal style, with a theme of prints that are mainly monochrome. Although the art is monochrome (with some soft pink and greenery) I’ve mixed up the themes and chosen a selection of figures, landscapes, graphics, and botanicals. My frames are mainly black with a couple of gold thrown into the mix…. In fact, my gallery wall is pretty much the theme of all my interior décor.

Experiment with types of wall art –, bright whether that’s monochrome colours, your favourite family photos, or a mix of everything. If you want to use art or photographs that don’t co-ordinate, don’t worry, using the same frames will bring it all together.


                                                                         Instagram @my_grey_place 


Go Traditional

When most of us think of a gallery wall we think of a wall of memories of happy events, photographs, pictures and even items such as mirrors or those that have been collected organically over time. Something that is personal and meaningful - although at the end of the day it’s completely up to you what you incorporate. Patience is needed though… it takes time to create the eclectic look required for traditional style gallery wall.

An excellent example of one is this collection from Amy. As you can see, Amy has also incorporated items other than just pictures, such as mirrors and wire art.


                                                                        Instagram @harrison_nate_and_me 


I asked Amy for a tip she used when creating a traditional gallery wall, she said: “Shop around and get your frames from lots of different places to mix it up a bit. Mine are from charity shops, Ikea, eBay, Next, The Range etc. Some are black metal for example, some are coloured wood, and some are ornate gold etc. I think it gives more interest to the gallery wall”.


Formal/ Grid Style

Although my gallery wall is cohesive, it’s not a structured, neat style – but I do love a more formal gallery wall too! Formal / Grid style gallery walls lend themselves to a theme, such as the same colour, the same event (i.e. a wedding theme) or family photographs. A lovely example of a formal style is this beauty from Laura.  


                                                                        Instagram @the_indigo_house 


Laura’s top tip for creating a gallery wall is: “When I plan a gallery wall I’ll look at the space that I’m wanting to fill and then always start from the middle and work outwards, I’ll also consider what furniture might sit under the frames and use this to help find the centre starting point.”


Picture Ledge

I’m a big fan of a picture ledge and have them in the bedroom too. The beauty of a picture ledge gallery is that the art just sits on the ledge and leans against the wall - no nails involved! This makes it so easy to move the art about and bring new pieces into the scheme. A faffers paradise!

Although why not integrate both? You can create a gallery of art incorporating a picture shelf and a few images hung the traditional way, which creates a great unique display.


                                                                        Instagram @my_grey_place


The Staircase

I couldn’t talk about gallery walls without touching on a staircase gallery – and the secret to hanging art here is balance!


                                                                         Pinterest Apartment Envy


So, where do you start?

To kick things off, start with the pictures. You can create your gallery wall the traditional way; using a collection of your own photos and art and buy frames to fit, or you can buy curated gallery wall art that comes ready framed for you to simply hang on the wall! With different wall size options and categories such as floral, fashion, nature and many more…. it couldn’t be simpler!


Plan the layout

So, you’ve decided where you want to create your gallery wall and you’ve got your artwork, now you just need to get it up on the wall!

A key rule to ensure balance is to start in the middle with a key piece and work outwards from there. For my wall, I measured the wall space and laid the art on the floor in a replica space of the same measurements, I used sticky tape to mark it out on the floor. I even took photos of my layout and swapped it around until I was happy.

Another option is to trace out a template for each frame and stick on the wall using tape. You can then hang the frames directly onto the templates and remove afterwards.


How to hang my wall art

Once you’ve got the layout of your masterpiece, it’s now time to get them on the wall. You’ll need a tape measure, nails or picture hooks, and a hammer. For heavier frames you’ll need a drill, screws, and wall plugs. Oh, and don’t forget a pencil and a spirit level to ensure your pictures are straight.

Simply, mark the top of the frames (in the middle) with the pencil, making a note how far down the picture the nail would need to go, and then use your tools and hammer and get your wall art up….and then all that’s left to do is step back and admire the result!


If you’ve created a gallery wall in your home, we’d love to see it! Tag @keepmoathomes in your photos or use the hashtag #KeepmoatHomes.

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