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Best Buys for your Kitchen

Whether you’ve just bought your first home, a new home or are looking to update your current kitchen accessories, the Kettle & Toaster are some of the most used items and definitely ones you want to get right.

In this blog, Danielle Dixon of House To Home At Last has reviewed a selection of toasters and kettles from three different manufacturers:

  • Tower Marble Rose Gold Kettle
  • Tower Marble Rose Gold 4 Slice Toaster
  • Beko New Line Kettle
  • Beko 4 Slot Toaster
  • Russell Hobbs Inspire White Kettle
  • Russell Hobbs Inspire White 4 Slice Toaster

Now it's over to Danielle, to share her thoughts on the appearance, how well they work and their features, providing some inspiration around these key kitchen essentials.

They all retail at different prices which I’ll list below in the details, but just from looking at them do you think you could put them in order of cost? It’s time to see if price really does make a difference.

Russell Hobbs:

First up we’re going to take a look at the Russell Hobbs Kettle & Toaster:

  • Russell Hobbs Inspire White Kettle (RRP £39.99)
  • Russell Hobbs Inspire White 4 Slice Toaster (RRP £49.99)

At first look this set really looks the part. I love the design on them both - a sleek modern design which certainly adds a touch of class to the kitchen. This set drops in at the middle of the 3 on price, and definitely looks expensive despite the reasonable price tag.

It’s available in three colours – White, Black and Red. The white set works really well in my kitchen and I’d definitely be drawn to this set in the shop.

The toaster has 4 slots which is always handy when you’re trying to get lots done at once. There are 3 buttons in the middle; A cancel button, a defrost button & a reheat button which I think is a great idea for re heating your toast at a more convenient time or if you just forgot about it during your hectic morning. There is a variable browning control which operates both sides to get your toast just to your tasting.

The kettle has a speedy boil using 2400W which saves you both time & energy. You can enjoy a perfect brew in a matter of minutes, 1 cup can be boiled in just 45 seconds. The lid is fully removed to fill with water and turns on with the flick of a switch. It’s a lovely shape & design and pours out perfect into your mug.

Definitely pleased overall with this set for both looks & practicality.

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Next up we have the Beko Kettle & Toaster:

  • Beko New Line 1.7L Kettle (£35.00)
  • Beko 4 Slot Toaster (RRP £45.00)

This set comes in as the cheapest of the 3. The toaster design is modern but simple, a taller and narrower style than the others but has 4 slots which makes it good for a family. I do really love the glass bodied kettle it definitely looks appealing and gives a little wow to the usual ‘kettle look’.

It will mean you’ll have to keep on top of descaling your kettle more often as it’ll soon become visible but that’s probably a good thing as we don’t do it often enough anyway - I know I don’t!

The lid lifts up with the click of a button which I really like, no need to take it fully off. The switch lights up when it’s on and the body of the kettle illuminates the water inside when it is boiling which makes it look the part. Its brilliant to be able to watch the water boiling up and I was surprised at how quiet it was.

Despite it looking narrower than the others the bread still fits in nicely (even a thick cut).  I like the fact that there is a dial control on both sides of the toaster so you can do two different types of toast for people if needed. My partner likes his nearly burnt to a crisp so it’s nice to be able to do mine and his at the same time.

The 3 buttons down the middle are to re heat, so you can warm toast back up without toasting it any further, defrost so you can add in bread straight from the freezer and a cancel button in case you leave it in a little too long. The racks for the bread are quite high before you drop them down so this is perfect for smaller things like crumpets and makes them easy to get out without having to lift the rack up.

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I may be saving my favourite till last but this set really is a beauty. Although it comes in as the most expensive, I definitely think it’s worth it for the wow factor of the design.

  • Tower Marble Rose Gold kettle (on offer currently for £59.99, usual price £69.99)
  • Tower Marble Rose Gold 4-slice toaster (on offer currently for £59.99, usual price £69.99)

I must admit it looks so much better once it’s out the box, I was really surprised with how much more I loved the design once it was unboxed. The marble and rose gold accents go so well together and really looks the part on your worktop.

It’s quite a tall design kettle but still easy enough to pour from. The lid is fully taken off to fill with water and then turned on with the flick of a switch. I absolutely love the temperature dial on the front, that’s something I haven’t seen on many kettles and thought that was a fab little addition to the design. It was very quiet when boiling and also very fast - both very important features. This 3kW kettle boils up to 2 cups of water in under a minute and a half.

Not only looking the part but it performs really well too.

I’m a sucker for a gadget or something a bit different so I also really loved the temperature controls on the toaster. There is one on each side which I think is always handy and love the design of these ones.

The bread rack lifts up quite a bit so you can get smaller items out easily when they’re hot. Like the others it’s got 3 buttons for cancelling, re heating and defrosting but unlike the Russell Hobbs one It has these buttons for each side of the toaster so you can be toasting in one side and reheating in the other or just cancelling the left side that you’ve left in for too long. I was really impressed with the toaster and It gave me my perfect toast in no time at all.

Tower also offer other items in the matching range including a digital microwave, and non electtrical options including cutlery and cookware to water bottles and a knife block.

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I’ve really enjoyed reviewing these sets and hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them. I would love to know your thoughts and which set would be your favourite or would you mix and match. Happy shopping everyone.

You can find Danielle sharing stories of her home on her blog - House To Home At Last.

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