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What’s Hot - In The Kitchen

In the past, the kitchen was often a room hidden in the back of the house where meals were prepared, and dirty dishes were washed. Nowadays, the kitchen is very much considered the heart of the home where we gather, socialise and host get-togethers.

If you’re looking to keep ahead of the curve with the current designs and the latest technologies, here, we’ve shared an insight into what’s currently on trend in the kitchen.



As with any modern design trend, clean and simple styles are a firm favourite for homeowners when considering the design for their kitchen space.

Marble worktops and flooring have made a recent comeback in the style charts for those looking to create a sleek look in their kitchen and whilst many previously opted for small brick tiling above their worktops and hob, larger slabs of tile, marble or stainless steel are now the new ‘in thing’ for backsplashes which are designed to complement the aesthetics.



Technological advancements have also meant it is possible to perfect the cleaner and more streamlined look in the kitchen. It is now easy enough to dispose of cupboard handles in favour of push open and close doors or recessed handles - a growing trend among new homeowners.


Smart storage

The desire to conceal the working elements and create an unobtrusive kitchen with decluttered worktops has been a driving force in many kitchen redesigns in 2020. Whilst there are lots of things we need to store in our kitchen, discreet storage solutions such as pull out spice racks, tray dividers or deep drawers for pots and pans have been a blessing in disguise – literally!

Hide-and-seek storage has also been a growing trend for those who want to create a streamlined finish without impacting the style, and integrated appliances with simple cabinetry to hide the fridge or dishwasher, or a hidden station to keep the kettle and toaster from cluttering the worktop continues to be a style preference that is here to stay. For the essentials not completely out of view, built-in appliances such as ovens, microwaves or an integrated wine store have also seen a rise.




Statement taps

In recent years, taps and sinks have moved up on the scale of importance in kitchen design and are no longer seen as purely functional, but designed to make a style statement.

Brass, gold and black taps with quirky features are bang on trend and are a great accessory to draw the eye and complement the space. These are usually paired with a similar finish to the cupboard and draw grips (if required) to ensure the style is consistent throughout the space.




Hot water taps are also fast becoming a kitchen staple that provide an energy efficient and safe solution to accessing instant boiling water, eliminating the need for a kettle. In a fast-paced world, where time can be against us, this alternative is slowly transforming convenience cooking and reducing the amount of time we spend on everyday tasks, such as prepping food or making a cup of coffee.


An island

A kitchen island is no longer an afterthought but has become the main focal point and is often considered as the hub of the kitchen. They tend to be multifunctional to complement our needs and usually come with additional storage, built-in appliances, such as a cooker hob, along with extra surface space and seating for casual dining and drinks.



The gadgets

Technology has entered the kitchen in full force and not just in the form of fancy gadgets and appliances to make everyday life that little bit easier. These days, integrated tech can be built into nearly every function and appliance such as the faucets, the fridge and the lighting.

Wi-Fi enabled gadgets that can be controlled from your smartphone or digital assistants are all the rave and you can now get lights to turn on at a required time, refrigerators that will alert you when you’re running low on groceries or a coffee maker that’s programmed to have your coffee ready for you in the morning. This modern trend of transforming our houses into smart homes is an ever-increasing trend and one that doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

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