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Things You Wished You Knew Before Owning a Dog

A dog is a bundle of joy and it’s very easy to follow your heart than your head when deciding whether a new furry companion is right for you. However, the decision to bring a pooch into your home should be determined after great consideration as they come with a whole host of challenges that may catch you completely off guard.

Becky from @milkbubbleteablog has shared an insight into the things you should be aware about before welcoming a little four-legged friend into your home. 


We recently brought home our new puppy, Rosie. It had been so many years since owning a puppy, I had forgotten just how much hard work they can be!

With a puppy, you need eyes in the back of your head. They stick those little wet noses into anything they can find so your home must be a safe and comfortable environment for your new furry friend. 




Puppy-proof your home

Make sure wires are out of reach, any medicines and harmful cleaning products are safely stored away. You’ll have to get on your hands and knees, and look for any small, sharp objects that your puppy could potentially chew or swallow! Earrings, loose change, drawing pins, for example, any of these could end up with a seriously poorly pup and a costly trip to the vets!



Your garden also needs to be a safe place for your puppy to explore the outdoors. Make sure your garden is fully enclosed, with nowhere your puppy can escape. Some plants are harmful and even poisonous to pets so it's important to do your research and remove any toxic plants, left-over garden waste or any rubbish lying around.



Consider the long term costs

Some people don't realise how much a dog costs until they get one! After the initial cost of buying a dog, there are also accessories, crates, stair-gates, toys, food and bedding to consider. On top of material things, a dog’s health can become costly over time too. Puppies need vaccinations, annual boosters, flea and de-worming treatments regularly, and veterinary care and insurance tend to increase overtime.

In the event of an emergency, the out-of-hours vets are extremely expensive! It is best to have your nearest emergency vet surgery details noted down somewhere if needed in a hurry.



Depending on how comfortable you are when it comes to training your dog, you may want to invest in puppy training sessions or doggy-day care for socialisation. All of these things cost money and can add up over time, it's so important to prepare, plan and budget before buying or adopting a dog.



The cleaning

Dogs are cute but they can be mucky pups at times! We invested in a hand-held hoover to help keep our home as fur-free as possible. Lint rollers will become your new best friend and a handbag accessory - trust me. After those wet winter walks, we have a thick door-mat and dog towels to hand by the back door to keep those muddy paw prints at bay. On the subject of muddy paws, in the soggy winter months, I use my steam mop almost every day! It cleans the kitchen tiles, quickly, easily and with no nasty harsh chemicals.





Sensible dog beds are a must, a wicker dog bed may look nice but it's not realistic for a puppy who will most likely end up chewing it! Buying a dog bed with a removable, washable cover will help keep your dogs bed clean and smelling fresh! Accidents around the home are inevitable with a new puppy, but make sure to clean it up as soon as you spot it! We blot up any urine accidents with a heavy-duty kitchen towel and then spray it with an enzymatic cleaner which removes the smell, not just masking it.



All the attention

Puppies are social creatures, so be ready to give your new addition the time and attention it needs. Rosie is like my shadow and even follows me into the bathroom when she can (yes, really.) When old enough your dog will need daily walks and exercise for its physical and mental wellbeing. Each dog breed has a different level of needs so make sure you choose the right breed for you and your lifestyle. With a dog around you are never alone, there is always a warm welcome from a wet nose and a wagging tail to greet you when you come home. They make excellent cuddle buddies, are always happy to see you and become part of the family.




Becky can be found blogging about her home, life and more importantly Rosie here.  

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