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Keeping Your Evening Meals Exciting with Gousto

If you’re struggling to think of new ways to keep evening meals exciting, our customer Danielle Rooke has the answer!


Do you find yourself wasting food at the end of the week? Do you like to pick your meals from a restaurant menu but can’t afford to eat out every day? Do you get fed up of eating the same meals because a long week at work means you don’t have the energy to think up new meal ideas? Me too! That’s why I tried Gousto!




Gousto is a weekly subscription box full of fresh ingredients tailored to the recipes you choose. Their menu of 50 different recipes (yes 50!!) opens online each Tuesday and allows you to pick the meals you want for tea that week - just like a restaurant menu but without leaving your comfy sofa spot. The menu includes meat, fish and vegetarian dishes that switch up each week to save you from the dreaded ‘what shall we have for tea?’ dilemma. After your first box, Gousto will leave 15 recipes in the ‘for you’ section of the menu based on the meals you chose previously to direct you straight to your favs!

I know what you’re thinking – is it going to cost me an arm and a leg? Nope! The couples box for 2 is £35.99 for 4 meals and the family box for 4 is £47.74 for 4 meals (you can pick 2, 3 or 4 meals each week) with FREE delivery. What’s more, the correct portion size of each ingredient is in the box which means no food waste! Yay!

My partner and I chose to try Gousto after we found ourselves wasting food at the end of the week. Trying to find portions for only 2 people can sometimes prove difficult. We also found ourselves eating the same meals week in and week out because we couldn’t think of any new recipes to try. I wasn’t the most adventurous cook but Gousto has really helped me to start to enjoy cooking tea, even after a long day at work!

The recipes have helped us to try meals we wouldn’t normally go for. We were super impressed with the range of meals on the menu and the quality of the produce when it arrived. All the ingredients are fresh and the recipes are really easy to follow. We love that they switch up the menu every week which means teas never get boring!





So, how do we know what we’re doing? Your Gousto box will come with recipe cards for each meal which will tell you what ingredients from your box you will need for that meal and how to cook it from scratch alongside a photo of how it should look. Don’t forget your free recipe card holder in the ‘extras’ section to keep all cards together and use them at a later date or lend to family and friends.

The boxes are fab for trying new recipes you wouldn’t usually go for without worrying about going over your weekly food budget. Gousto will also give you a discount code to share with family, friends and co-workers or share to your Instagram story for your followers. If anybody uses your code, you will get credit on your next box which means you actually SAVE money the following week!





We definitely recommend trying Gousto if you’re feeling the pressure of having to think of new recipes that the whole family will agree on, but you don’t want to spend hours rooting around your local supermarket for the ingredients. My personal favourite is the chicken tacquitos and I’ve found the recipes are fab for getting the kids involved too!





If you’re stuck in a bit of a mid-week dinner rut and want to try Gousto, Danielle has shared her discount code with us. Let us know what dishes you try via our social channels! 

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