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Top tips on keeping in touch digitally

Whilst we can’t meet up with our family and friends, it’s totally normal to feel a little out of touch and maybe even a little lonely. During this time, it’s really important that we stay connected with everyone on the outside world to maintain your normal level of human interaction and most importantly keep your spirits up!

Thanks to technology and social media, there are more ways than ever for us to stay in touch digitally. Here we’ve shared just a handful of ways to help you keep sociable during these difficult times.

1. Call where you can

When it comes to comes to catching up with people, whether they’re friends, family or colleagues, make your conversation more interactive and try to phone or video call them instead of just sending a text or email. Hearing someone’s voice is always special and allows you to have a much chattier and smoother conversation. It’s also worth noting that a call can help you to determine how the other person is feeling and if they’re in need of a little pick me up.

Skype and Zoom are both good online networks that allow you to interact with people face to face, but there are plenty of other ways you can connect too, such as Facetime and Facebook Messenger Video Chat.

In the case of older relatives, take special care to make sure that you’re keeping in touch with them with a simple phone call every now and then. They may not be able to or want to use any of the higher-tech options, so a simple phone call could be enough to make their day.



2. Have a virtual hangout

Using some of the platforms mentioned above, you could take it a step further than just a chat and get creative. Virtual quiz or games nights are becoming very popular and many online platforms have games installed within the app which allows participants to play against each other. However, if you’re looking for a little more, you could make up your own game or write out some quiz questions to test everyone on.

Don’t forget there are also games that you can play with numerous users through standalone websites and apps like Words with Friends, Drawize or Cards Against Humanity.

If you’re not of the competitive nature, why not host a virtual dinner party, where everyone orders the same takeaway or cooks the same meal, you could even set up an online coffee break with a friend or settle down for a movie night together. And for those looking to do an activity, why not set up an arts and crafts session where you all try and paint the same thing or break a sweat and undertake an indoor workout together?


3. Utilise your social media

In a time like this, we can’t forget how simple it is to remain in touch with the outside world through our everyday social media. Just scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed and catching up on what your friends have been doing could really brighten up your day.

Online interactive initiatives like #WorkingFromHomeChallenge or Tom Holland’s #ImpossibleChallenge where you put on a t-shirt while doing a one-arm handstand can give you some ideas of things to try while you’re spending so much time at home. Live tweeting a TV show using a dedicated hashtag can also make you feel part of a wider conversation.

It’s also worth noting that any Facebook groups that you’re a part of will probably be full of like-minded people who want to chat, or better yet – join some new Facebook groups and virtually-meet some new people.

A lot of brands are utilising live streaming options to get their audiences engaging with them which could help you feel more sociable. For example, if you usually attend gym classes, a lot of gyms are posting workouts online or via an app that you can follow live, or at a more convenient time enabling you to still feel part of the class.



4. Use other media to create some in-house company

A lot of people may be at home on their own right now and may be in need of some more constant company. Radio, podcasts or chatty TV shows can be a great way to stay connected with the world outside and feel involved in something. They also allow you to hear other people’s voices which can keep you company if you’re feeling a little lonely – and they may even have dial or text in options, giving you another way to interact with people.


5. KeepGoing!

The adjustment to staying indoors and dealing with an ever-changing environment may be tough and a bit overwhelming, but it’s more important than ever that you try and keep interactions as normal and frequent as possible under these tricky circumstances.

#KeepGoing – we’ll get through this!

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