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Skills you can learn at home

Being stuck at home over a long period of time can sometimes feel like time wasted, especially if you come out on the other side with no distinct life lesson or skill to show for it. With lockdown set to continue, why not make your time at home a little more valuable and break the movie marathon to acquire a new skill?

There are plenty of skills you can learn from the comfort of your home that can enhance your career or your personal life – and you don’t need to buy fancy equipment or sign up to expensive courses to master them. Here are just a few suggestions:

Learn a Language

This is one of the most valuable skills you can acquire. Learning a new language will not only benefit you when travelling abroad in the future, but many employers will recognise and appreciate this skill too.  

There’s a lot of online support available to help, in the form of apps and virtual classes, and don’t forget you can absorb vocabulary well through TV shows and films in foreign languages with subtitles for support.

Another simple hack to keep that new language front of mind is by changing your phone and computer interface to the foreign language - just make sure you know how to navigate the settings to be able to change this back if you’re struggling!

Discover Yoga


Strengthen your body and relax your mind with just a few clicks on your laptop or smartphone.

It’s no secret that practicing yoga comes with a wealth of benefits and by adding a few poses to your daily routine can make a big impact on your life. Yoga promotes well-being and the tensing and relaxing of the muscles helps the mind and body to relax and reduce stress. It’s also great for improving your posture, making you walk taller and sit up straighter at your desk, along with many other concerns you may have such as improving sleep, chronic pain and tension relief.

One common misconception is that you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga, the beauty of this activity is that it can be practiced at all levels of ability and can be done at your own pace and even with your pets.

There’s an array of free classes online and many live sessions from experts on Instagram – all you need is a soft surface and a bit of space.

Become a Handyman/woman

You don’t need to be a plumber or an electrician to undertake a number of essential DIY tasks in the home. Learn a couple of the tricks of the trade so you can keep your home in top notch condition.

From bleeding a radiator to unclogging the sink, knowing how to take care of things yourself will give you self-assurance and a greater sense of ownership over your home.

For a bit of guidance to start you off, check out our videos on how to undertake a number of DIY tasks here.

Learn to Cook a Signature Dish


With the added time we’re all spending at home, why not use this time effectively to improve your culinary prowess and learn how to cook from scratch?

You could become a master chef of your own creations and try making your own pasta or research unique recipes and adapt these to your taste to produce new and exciting flavours and dishes for your family.

There’s an array of cookbooks and food secrets waiting to be discovered online – so grab your apron and before you know it, you’ll be creating Michelin star quality food from your very own home.

Perfect Your Photos


You don’t need the latest camera or to invest in an expensive photography course to take beautiful photos. All you really need is your smartphone, a good subject and a little patience to learn some quick and effective photo-taking techniques, for example, how to line up your shots, find interesting perspectives and how to take advantage of symmetry patterns to make your photo more balanced.

Don’t forget that capturing the best angle for the photo is just one half of the process and learning how to edit follows. There is a great choice of free photo editing apps such as VSCO Cam or Snapseed and did you know you can also do wonders with an image by simply editing it in the Instagram app?

If you’re looking for more inspiration on new skills to learn, check out 66ofUs which is a non-profit campaign helping us get through lockdown by encouraging the nation to share skills with their community. Do you have a skill you can donate?

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