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Keeping the Kids Entertained at Home

Trying to come up with new ways to keep the kids entertained at home is a challenge for many. But don’t despair, our customers Maria Tate and Kirstie Crawford have shared a couple ideas that utilise household products and things you can find in the cupboards to create fun activities that will keep kids busy during this testing time.  

Get inventive with toilet roll tubes

If there’s one product that many households currently have mountains of just lying around, it’s the toilet roll! Rather than throwing away the tubes, Maria has shared a couple of super fun activities that will provide hours of entertainment for your little ones.  

Create a DIY Ball Run



Simply cut empty loo rolls in half, ensuring there’s just enough of a lip to keep the ball on track. Attach these to the patio door, window or wall (or any other vertical object) using masking tape and every time a new roll is added, just test it out with the ball to check that it works.

Once assembled, you can then spend time decorating your new game together. Easy peasy!

Tip: Cut your starting roll in half so that the ball doesn’t start off too fast; otherwise it won’t stay on the track and will keep falling off. 


Create a Rocket

Start off with an empty loo roll tube as your base, then cut out flame shapes using either craft paper or another tube.

Attach with some glue or masking tape and then paint and decorate how you wish – get creative! Maria used some glitter washi tape and pom poms but you can use anything you’ve got at home – there are no rules.

Tip: Create a backdrop for the rocket to really set the scene!


Get crafty in the kitchen

Lockdown is a perfect time to dive deep into the back of your food cupboards and unearth all of its treasures. Kirstie has utilised key items you probably have stashed away somewhere to create a couple of quick and easy activities to keep young ones entertained over the coming weeks.

Create a DIY Fossil Dig



A salt dough ‘fossil dig’ is super easy using things around the house and garden!

Make a basic salt dough recipe which consists of plain flour, table salt and water (you can find a recipe here). If you have any lying around, gather some toy dinosaurs to press into small pieces of the dough – or you can create your own ‘bones’ by moulding them from the dough.  

Bake and once cooled it’s time to decorate your fossils using either paint or pens. Combine your newly created fossils together with stones collected from the garden in an old storage box and cover with ‘dirt’ – and simply hand over a paint brush and let them explore!

Tip: Demerara sugar works great for the dirt, but you can use real dirt or sand too! 


No Bake Rocky Road



Create a scrumptious rocky road recipe by using chocolate (leftover Easter eggs work well) and a few cupboard leftovers. Start by getting your little one to crumble biscuits whilst you melt the chocolate, then mix them together with some golden syrup. Add marshmallows and raisins and then transfer it to a tin lined with cling film. You can even add a little more melted chocolate on top too!

Pop in the fridge for two hours and it’s ready to eat, no baking required! 

Tip: You can add in any other ingredients. Kirstie used raisins, but cranberries and sultanas are also a favourite!


To all the parents out there trying to keep their children busy and active during these unusual times, #KeepGoing – you’re doing great!

Don’t forget to share your creations with us - we’d love to see these! Use the hashtag #KeepmoatHomes and be sure to tag us in your posts.


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