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Keep Productive: Top tips and hacks on working from home

We all know working from home has its perks (not having to make rounds of tea every ten minutes, for one) but it can also take some adjusting to, especially with the increased number of distractions that can get in the way – so we’ve put together some top tips to help you hit your goals and make the most of your time while working from home.




Keep your daily routine

You may be skipping your daily commute and the usual day in an office, but you should try to maintain your weekday morning routine where you can. Keep your alarm set to the normal time you usually would if you were going to work and make sure you get dressed!

You don’t have to change into a formal suit, and can keep it fairly casual (or half and half if you have a Skype or Zoom meeting), however by changing out our your PJs and mimicking your usual routine, it will not only help you mentally prepare for the day ahead, but also turn your focus to work.  

Don’t forget to follow your usual schedule throughout the day as well, and work the typical hours you would in the office – planning out your day in a notebook or planner will help you remain focused on tasks at hand and nip any home distractions in the bud!


Create a workspace that works for you

Choosing the right working environment is key. Whilst working with a laptop on your knee in front of the TV or in bed may work well for some of us, it’s far too easy to become distracted and give in to everyday temptations which are lying around your home.

Set up your own ‘little office’ whether it’s in a spare room, on the kitchen table or in a small corner of the living room, free from all those unwanted distractions. By setting up a mini workspace, your mind will treat this area in the same way as if you were at work and you will be more productive throughout the day.

Here’s a couple of tips on how to create the ideal working hub:  

  • Let the light in – If your space allows then pick a spot near a window. Daylight plays a huge part in your daily mood and affects your concentration, therefore having a spot which allows natural light to shine through will help you keep productive during the day.
  • Add some greenery – adding a house plant to your office space will not only brighten and spruce up the area, but it will also improve your state of mind as they have been known to reduce stress levels - giving you a cleaner and heathier working environment.
  • Get the right equipment – It goes without saying that a decent table and chair makes all the difference when trying to get into the zone. Just like at work, make sure you have a comfortable chair (pad it out with cushions if you need) along with a good-sized table at the right level for you - your back and neck will be thankful further down the line!
  • Hide the phone – mobiles are the gateway to endless distractions, whether it be scrolling through your social channels, replying to group messages or just having a catch up with friends. Where possible, put your phone in a drawer and only use this during breaks, lunch or after work to ensure you keep to your optimum capacity while working.



Keep taking breaks and be sure to leave your desk!

It’s easy to work through your lunch or have something quickly at your desk, however it’s important to step away from your workspace and give yourself a breather during the day.

Whether you decide to get some fresh air by going for a walk around the block, do a short home workout, call friends for a quick chat or watch an episode on Netflix, give yourself time to chill and refresh - it’ll help you to remain focused the rest of the day!

It’s also worth setting an alarm so you’re not constantly clock watching during your lunch hour.

Once you’ve finished for the day, make sure you take yourself to another room and avoid going back to your workspace. This will help you to separate yourself from work and provide a fresh environment to unwind in.


Keep connected with your colleagues

If you work in a team it’s important to keep connected and chat regularly with your colleagues which will not only help with work tasks but will boost team morale. Ditching the emails and having a call on Skype, Zoom or Teams is a great way of communicating (and a chance for a good chinwag!)



The adjustment to working from home may be tough and overwhelming but give it time and it will soon feel like normality so #KeepGoing – you’re doing great!


If we’ve missed out any of your top WFH hacks, let us know on Facebook and Instagram.

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