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Buying a Keepmoat Home

Are Keepmoat homes energy efficient?

Yes. Very. We use the latest high performance wall and roof insulation to minimise heat loss. Top spec energy rated windows and efficient heating systems help reduce your carbon footprint. They’re great for reducing your bills too. 

Buying a Keepmoat Home

Are Keepmoat homes covered by a warranty?

Yes. All our homes are covered with two comprehensive warranties. Our 2 year Keepmoat warranty, as well as the standard NHBC or LABC structural warranty.

Buying a Keepmoat Home

Do I need to pay for ‘surveys’ of the home, even if it is new build?

In some cases the lender may insist you carry out a land survey. They do this to check whether the plot of land on which your home will be built isn’t at risk from mines, floods etc.  

Buying a Keepmoat Home

Can I buy on my own or does there need to be two persons’ income to buy?

If you have the income and you can afford the mortgage, there’s nothing stopping you buying on your own. 

Buying a Keepmoat Home

How much money can I borrow?

This depends on your circumstances and your lender. The affordability criteria lenders work to is constantly changing. Our advice would be to find an experienced Independent Financial Advisor who’ll be able to guide you through every step of your mortgage application.

If you don’t know an IFA, your Sales Advisor can give you the details of some that have worked on behalf of Keepmoat customers before.   

Buying a Keepmoat Home

Can I buy a home without a deposit? If not, how much deposit do I need – 5%, 10% or 20%?

Right now most lenders require at least a 5% deposit. However, a larger deposit can often help you secure a better mortgage deal with lower monthly payments.

Buying a Keepmoat Home

Are there any schemes exclusively for first time buyers?

At Keepmoat we have a number of schemes to help first time buyers get on the property ladder.

Help to Buy is the most popular of these. The Government backed equity loan scheme means you can move in with as little as 5% deposit. And with lower monthly mortgage payments too. Find out more about Help to Buy

Buying a Keepmoat Home

Do I need a solicitor if I am buying a house and how much will it cost?

Yes, you do need a solicitor when buying a house. They handle all the legalities around the contracts, searches, as well as handling all the money. Solicitors’ fees can be anything from around £500 to £1500 depending on how complicated the sale is and whether you’ve got a home to sell. Make sure you get a quote, with a full breakdown of costs, before choosing a solicitor.


If you need a hand finding a trusted solicitor we can help. The Sales Advisor at the development will have one they can recommended.

Buying a Keepmoat Home

As well as the mortgage what other costs will I have to pay?

When you’re buying a home it’s good to budget. Find out all you need to know about home buying costs here.  

Buying a Keepmoat Home

If I’m buying a house with a friend can we both be on the mortgage?

Yes. If you are buying a house with friends up to four names can be on a mortgage. And sometimes it’s good to share as it makes buying more affordable. But remember, you are all responsible for paying the mortgage.