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NPPF - Comment from Keepmoat Homes

25 July 2018

James Thomson, CEO of Keepmoat Homes, said: “There are many positives to be taken from the revised NPPF. It is particularly important to stress the importance of continuing vision and leadership at the local authority and city region level.

We welcome the increased emphasis on good design and the creation of high quality buildings and places as a way of raising standards across the industry as well as improving public perceptions of new housing developments.

The emphasis on the importance of affordability is also extremely positive together with the broadening of the range of affordable tenures recognised by planning policy. This can only help with gaining support for developers, like Keepmoat Homes, who are committed to delivering high quality new homes of mixed tenure to meet a range of housing needs.

At Keepmoat Homes 80% of our current developments are on brownfield land so we are pleased to see the Government’s continued commitment to protecting our greenbelt. Brownfield development is not only good for the environment; it can also accelerate the delivery of new homes by reducing local opposition and shortening planning processes.

We also welcome the support for the provision of high quality communications infrastructure on new housing developments, as this is an issue that continues to present challenges to developers and frustration for new homeowners. However, whilst this is really an issue that must be addressed with broadband service providers, we are keen to work with them to provide a satisfactory solution.”

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