Keep your home looking great

Just one of the benefits of buying a brand new, high-spec Keepmoat home is how easy they are to look after. 

Here are a few tips on how to keep it looking great. 

Looking after your driveway

Your drive is made from bituminous macadam. It’s an oil based material that can take a few months to harden up. And in warm weather can soften up a little. We’d recommend hosing the drive down in really warm weather and avoid, where possible, placing anything too hard or heavy on the drive, such as skips, ladders etc.

Your lawn and gardens

Your lawn is new and will need a little love and attention to keep it looking great. Regularly watering in dry spells and the occasional feeding will make a huge difference and really help the lawn establish itself and develop strong and healthy roots. 

If your plot has trees, shrubs and plants, again a little care will make a big difference. Feeding and watering as well as timely pruning will encourage healthy growth. 

More details of how to care for your garden can be found in your Home User Guide. 

Keeping your fencing looking great

All the timber we use in our fencing is pressure treated and won’t need any further preservative treatment. It’s ready to stain if you want to change the colour. 

Like everything else in your home, your fence is new and may need a little time to settle. It’s why we recommend that you don’t fix washing lines etc. to your fence or fence posts. Keeping gates closed when possible, means they don’t sway in the wind and prevents gateposts becoming loose too.

Looking after your doors and windows

Your new home has the very latest PVC-U high performance doors and windows. They’ve been carefully selected to not just look great, but provide excellent energy efficiency and security features. Plus they’re easy to look after too. 

To keep your frame looking good all you need is a little soapy water. Washing up liquid is perfect. Non-abrasive household cleaners can be used for more stubborn stains, but never use abrasive cleaners or wire wool. This will damage the surface of the PVC-U. 

It’s a good idea to oil the moving parts at least twice a year. Our windows expert recommends oiling hinges at the rivet points with light multi-purpose oil. Other metal components should be coated with petroleum jelly. Please do not use spray oils. 

TIP: To avoid condensation building remember to keep your home well-aired. Open each window for a short time each day. 

Your plumbing and heating 

We’ll give you a full rundown of how your heating system works in your home demonstration before you move in. As a guide we’d recommend:

  • DO NOT switch off the system at the fuse spur. This shuts down the pump and can cause damage.
  • Try to keep constant moderate temperature throughout your home. This will help the drying out process and is a more cost effective way to heat your home.
  • Remember to book an annual service with a Gas Safe registered engineer to keep your heating in good condition. 
  • Please DO NOT attempt to move any radiators or drain down the system without letting us know first as this affects your warranty.
  • If you’re going to be out of the home for a long period of time over the winter months make sure the radiators are set to the frost indicator on the thermostatic radiator valves.
  • Your heating system is brand new and will require a period of running in. This may mean the radiators need to be bled. If you need any help, call our customer care team

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