Lifetime homes

Lifetime Homes are exactly that. Homes thoughtfully designed for not only how you live today, but designed to easily adapt as your needs change. 

The idea behind these is to make the homes accessible for everyone. Young, old and those with disabilities. Often these design features are very subtle, in fact you probably wouldn’t even know many are there. However, what makes them perfect for everyone is a bit more obvious. And that’s the fantastic space they offer. Even our 2 bedroom Lifetime Homes have the kind of floor space you’d expect in a 3 or even 4 bedroom home.

Built with more space

The feeling of space and light is the what sets Lifetime Homes apart. High ceilings, large rooms and wide, spacious hallways and landings make these homes feel much bigger than you’d expect. 

Compared to our standard 2 bedroom homes, which themselves are designed to offer you spacious living, a 2 bedroom Lifetime Home gives you much more living space. 

What’s a Lifetime Home?

The Lifetime Homes concept was developed by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation Lifetime Homes Group in 1991. They have sixteen design features, from ample car parking spaces and easy level access to the home to some things you don’t even see, like easily removable walls and services for wet rooms.

Thoughtful and innovative design is at the heart of the thinking behind Lifetime Homes. The focus is on adaptability and design features that make the home flexible enough to meet whatever comes along in life. From raising small children and the demands that makes on a home to managing reduced mobility later in life, these homes make the ups and downs of life easier to live with. 

If you’re moving big heavy objects in and out the house, carrying bags of shopping or pushing the buggy, you’ll love the flat and level access from drive to home. The wide hallways are designed to allow for easy wheelchair access, but this leads to spacious and flexible areas that are perfect for busy families.

What special features can I expect in a Lifetime Home?

Lifetime homes meet a set of strict building criteria. They include:

  • Large parking spaces to give you plenty of room to get in and out. The parking space also has to be located close to the home.
  • The approach to the home mush be level or gently sloping, with no steps. The doors to the home have to have level access over the threshold, be well-lit and protected from the elements.
  • Lifetime Homes have minimum widths for hallways and landing, with easily accessed doors. All rooms have to be big enough to comfortably turn a wheelchair, making for larger, more spacious rooms.
  • All homes have to have a downstairs WC, which can be easily adapted to allow for a shower to be installed.
  • The structure of the home is capable of supporting ceiling hoists if needed.
  • Windows in the living room have to be low enough for people in wheelchairs to see out. The result is a room with large features windows that let the light flood in.